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Lately, a newly established social media network has just created a buzz in the online marketing realm. Internet marketers, bloggers, content writers and webmasters alike were all fascinated by the great traffic potentials that the network could offer. The site goes by the name of Pinterest.

Based on the accumulated data of Shareaholic, Pinterest has already surpassed Google+ in terms of referral traffic as of January 2012 and has been ranked as the 3rd largest social network right after Facebook and Twitter. Statistics has it that Pinterest accounts for around 1.05% of all the referral traffic in the web. With the aim to increase traffic with the Pinterest social network, the majority of online marketers and bloggers opted for Pinterest as one of their preferred referral traffic providers. And what’s great about this is that the referral traffic stream coming from Pinterest doesn’t seem to slow down.

So, thinking about the trend, how can you possibly increase traffic with the Pinterest social network? If you really are serious about promoting your business through Pinterest, then these proven tips will get you covered.

1. Pin your interests in pinboards regularly

Pinterest is an online pinboard in which users can pin their photos which are somewhat part of their interests or seems interesting to them. With Pinterest, any business could create their own pinboards which could tend to be demographic driven. By regular pinning along with a pinch of interaction among any other users, it will be possible to draw in a better branding of a business through Pinterest.

2. Share your products and/or services

Perhaps the most obvious way in which you can use Pinterest to promote your business is to pin your own products and/or services and have it shared to the other users. Since Pinterest makes it possible to create a number of pinboards, the best option to take would be to categorize your pins based on the products and/or services your business have. This will tend to create a virtual catalog which are all well-organized for the specific range of your prospects.

3. Encourage interaction between you and your prospects

Pinterest, much like Facebook and Twitter, is another form of social networking. That is why, to assure a stronger relationship between your business and your prospects, it is always essential to keep the interaction open at all times. If you have spotted someone who has re-pinned your pins, then why not give them a comment or thank them. The more you encourage interaction between your customers, the more stronger the relationship will be.

4. Increase awareness by following other huge brands

Increasing awareness of your business in Pinterest is much more like increasing your awareness in Twitter. By following the huge brands and known figures in Pinterest, there are some fair chances that they will follow you back. The moment that you’ve been followed, your business’ presence will be augmented since your pins will be seen by the followers of the huge brands you’ve just followed and followed you back. For some brands, it is important for them to know who has re-pinned their products and/or services, and in some cases, they do the favor in return.

5. Pin quality and unique images

Pinning quality and unique images greatly helps in increasing the chances of your pins to be re-pinned. Users love to see something fresh, interesting and unique to their sight. Due to this, it is really important to create unique images which could surely capture the sight of every user and compel them to share those through re-pinning. The more appealing the images are, the more Pinterest attention your business will get. The concept of infographics is one effective means for doing so.

6. Take your services to the spotlight

Not all of the online businesses sell products. Some of them offer their services to the crowd. And if you own such kind of business, then the best thing for you to do is to create some sort of a visual resume through Pinterest. If you have a knack in photography and wants to offer photography services, then try pinning your finest capture moments and other samples of your work.

With the rapid increase of Pinterest users over the last few months, it is quite evident that the network itself is effectively playing the leveling field. With this current boom that the site has, learning the right ways to increase traffic with the Pinterest social network could really be of a great help towards your promotional activities. But of course, much like any other social network do, the success of your business simply relies on your hands.


This guest blog post was written by Steve Rendell, owner of Paper Free Billing, a leading invoice software company. You can connect with Steve Rendell on Google Plus.

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