Kick-Starting a Social Media Campaign

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If you’re going to be in business today, a social media presence is an undeniable necessity. Once you get the ball rolling, the process of maintaining social media pages and contacts is just another part of operating your business. However, many businesses find that the difficult part is getting started and building momentum. After all, you have to start a social media campaign from nothing and build a thriving community of people who use or are interested in what you sell. Whether you’re launching a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or another network, develop an intentional strategy to engage people with your brand.

Examples of Social Media Campaigns

One of the best ways to prepare to launch your own campaign is to take a look at what other businesses have done to gain a social media following. Consider these examples:

  • Old Spice created a series of videos based on user comments and questions through their Twitter page and posted them in nearly real time. Of course, the brand had a decent-sized following before the campaign, but its number of Twitter followers increased by over 1,000% during the campaign.
  • Family Leisure started using social media in late 2009 and ran several giveaways people could enter by recruiting others to follow the brand. Now the company regularly gives its 7,500 Facebook followers and 2,000 Twitter followers links to discounts, sales and helpful tips for enjoying its products.
  • Healthy Choice posted a coupon on
    Facebook that increased in value as people “Liked” the page. The promotion led to a nine-fold increase in followers, from 7,000 to over 60,000, in just a few weeks.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign Launch

1. Fill out the informational portions of your brand’s social media page before you launch. Including photos, videos, contact information, and other details will make your page look more polished and be useful to the people who follow you.

2. Promote your page heavily to your existing customers, who are most likely to be your initial followers. That way when others find you, they’ll feel like there’s something to follow. You can tell people who are in the store about your pages, include social media information on your business cards and link to your social media pages from your main site. If you send a newsletter, talk about your social media campaign and what your followers can expect from you to encourage them to connect.

3. Give a strong incentive to people so they’ll not only follow you themselves, but also get others to do the same. This task is especially easy on Twitter, which has many tools that allow you to give coupons or other rewards to people who retweet your posts to their followers. You can also run contests through Facebook and have people enter by sharing content you post. Taking advantage of viral marketing will help get the word out about your page.

4. Post on a daily basis so people will feel like they’re getting value out of connecting with you on social media websites. Your posts can include tips about using your products or services, links to articles in your field, announcements of new products, deals or promotions and questions to gather input from your followers.

5. Respond to questions, comments and complaints posted to your social media pages. If all you’re doing is posting your own content, people won’t feel like you care about them. Reply right away to everyone, especially if they post negative feedback, so you can demonstrate that you care about customer satisfaction. In addition, don’t forget to thank your loyal customers who post positive things and engage with you through social media.


The effort you put into launching a social media campaign is very likely to pay off with increased customer loyalty, and ultimately, sales. Especially if you want to reach the younger generation, being active on social media is critical to getting your brand in front of potential customers on a regular basis. And don’t forget to offer perks because 80% of people name deals as their favorite content from the brands they follow.


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