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Worried about your stagnant local search ranking? It’s time to start optimizing your website for local search and get ahead of your competitors. However, local SEO isn’t a cakewalk. You might find that it’s even more challenging than the usual SEO rules and tactics that you’re used to. The good news is that you can beat your competitors in local search if you understand and follow the most important rules of local SEO.

The Basics of Local SEO

Before you can boost your local search rank, you need to learn some basics. The most important part of local SEO is understanding what determines your local ranking. Once you do, everything else will come naturally. Let’s take a look at the top local ranking factors, based on research conducted by Moz:

local seo ranking factors

On-page SEO signals

The most important local ranking factor, at 20.3%, is on-page signals. On-page signals include your Domain Authority, and whether or not you use keywords in titles. They also include other factors like the presence and quality of your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) on your site.

positive local ranking factors

My Business signals

Google also prioritizes the optimization of your Google My Business page, which is the third most important ranking factor, at 14.7%. The search engine checks how well you’ve updated your My Business page with relevant categories and keywords.

optimize google business page

Local Link signals

Coming in a close second, at 20%, are the link signals of your website. This basically refers to the quality of your link profile, which includes factors like the quantity and quality of inbound anchor texts. Link signals also include the quantity of links to your site and the authority of the domains linking to you.

External local SEO signals

The fourth ranking factor is your external location signals, at 13.6%. This includes listings of your business in directories like the Internet Yellow Pages, and the quantity of those citations. Other factors, like the accuracy and consistency of your NAP details across different citations also play a role.

local seo link building

Behavioral and Mobile Local SEO signals

Coming in fifth, at 9.5%, are behavioral and mobile signals, which involve how users interact with your business/website. For this component, Google considers factors like click-through rate, check-ins, and mobile clicks to call.

on page local seo factors

There are several other local ranking factors, such as review signals, and social signals, but the five listed above are the most important. To improve the local SEO of your website, focus on improving these five factors first.

Looking for more ideas on how to improve your local ranking? Make sure you check out this informative local SEO guide for tips and suggestions.

Local SEO Guide Infographic

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how to rank a website locally local seo guide

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