Managing a Reputation in the Digital Age

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Managing a Reputation in the Digital AgeBuilding up a solid reputation is vital to running a business, avoiding scandals and enjoying a lifestyle that is free of possible challenges. In the digital age, managing a personal or business reputation takes more than just shaking hands and showing a good face in the public eye. Taking measures to protect the reputation online is just as important because it is information that anyone can seek and find.

Use Caution With Online Commentary

Maintaining a blog, social media page or other online resources is a good idea for any celebrity, business owner or politician. It provides the opportunity to follow the professional life of those who are in the public eye. Although it is useful, it can also have a significant impact on personal reputation.

According to Ty Kiisel on, it is important to remember that the public and private accounts are all visible online. Avoid any commentary that is negative or that might detract from a personal or business brand. Avoid making commentary that can be viewed as controversial, contemptuous or insulting. A solid reputation is built from careful management of every comment and statement made on a personal account.

Managing Ratings and Reviews Online

Managing a Reputation in the Digital AgeAlthough it is not always easy to keep up with every comment from others, managing the ratings and reviews of others will reduce the risk of negative commentary resulting in the loss of work. can provide services to help manage the information and keep the ratings as high as possible. With the services at, the risk of poor ratings and reviews is reduced and negative comments on a personal blog or social media page are removed before it can cause serious damage.

Remain Accessible

Although a business owner, politician or celebrity is busy, that is not an excuse to avoid customers or fans. According to Samara Hart on, maintaining accessibility provides comfort to clients. The customers know that they are taken seriously, even after the business has grown and the business owner is busy. By providing a means of communication to the upper-level management, customers can get help or ensure changes are made that address challenges they are facing while using a website or following a political party.

Never Respond With Anger

Customers, rivals or individuals with different beliefs are likely to leave negative commentary or angry comments. According to, it is a bad move to respond to any commentary or ideas with anger. By responding with anger, it is more likely a customer, fan or follower will walk away.

Instead of responding with anger, reach out to address the complaint. Addressing the complaint calmly and offering assurance that the problem is being addressed will help reduce the risk of losing clients or fans. That allows the customer to realize that they are important to the business.


Managing a Reputation in the Digital AgeOnline socialization can seem unnecessary, but it is a major part of managing a reputation in the digital age. According to Alice Hansen on, online social media is a powerful tool to verify information provided to customers, potential business partners or others looking for details about the company. Whether the goal is gaining new fans or getting new business, having a social presence is an important part of building up a solid reputation.

Any social media source should have verifiable information. Avoid putting up any details that are not possible to prove or that are still in the middle of processing. The processing should be completed before the changes are made to any account.


Author bio: Karen Kennedy  is CEO of a children’s learning software company, Karen loves sharing her tips on management and how to get your startup running.

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  1. Daniel Poon says:

    I understand the concept of online reputation but I don’t subscribe to their technique. You pay a fee and they try to bury the search results to as far on the results page as they can. Maybe some people need to do that but I don’t think big G likes it.

  2. Digital Marketing Company says:

    I agree your article it’s well expressed on the reputation management.. If we have to make brand means first we have to consider reputations things for our brand..

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