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Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. He's also writing on a personal growth website He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp, a leading traffic and conversion event.

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  1. Paulo says:

    Dear friend, I tried to have your tutorial, but no data was displayed. I have to put the Analytics tags on the Facebook page, as I do that?

  2. frankee says:

    thank you for this amazing guidline,
    i have created this for my blog facebook apps information..

  3. shipping from australia says:

    That’s a great post. I have been using google analytic.But i didnt know that Im able to do all these..

  4. Application Development says:

    I don’t know about this way thanks to learn how we can Google Analytic in our social media sites and check our visitor earn money. if you have other technique that help me to promote my social media profile.

  5. Rob says:

    Am I going mad here. Whenever I click on your link, ‘copy this advanced segment directly into your Google Analytics account’ it just takes me to my Accounts list. I am already logged in, I only have one account. When I look in Advanced Segments it isn’t there. Help!

    • Priit Kallas says:

      Seems that Google has screwed that up a bit. I found a work around for now:

      1. Log into Google Analytics
      2. Switch to old version
      3. Go to Advanced segments
      4. Click the links in this post

      Worked for me. I’ll try to find out if there’s any other way with the new Analytics interface. But seems that they have even removed the share button. Go figure!

  6. Neil Whitehead says:

    Superb tip. Love the pre-selected segment profile via the click.

  7. abc says:

    rate of return (ROR), also known as return on investment (ROI), rate of profit or sometimes just return, is the ratio

  8. Saikrishna says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article 🙂

  9. Tia says:

    This is great. I never would have thought to set up metrics this way – and haven’t read anything similar yet before! So many how-to posts are often just reworded content with nothing new to say. Nice clear step-by-step instructions, too. Thanks.

    • Priit Kallas says:

      Thanks, Tia! I found that just playing around with social media is not enough. You need results. This is one way to show that it really is valuable.

  10. Priit Kallas says:

    Here’s my answer to Stef’s problem. As close to 100% as possible

  11. james says:

    im interested but still confused

  12. Priit Kallas says:

    Excellent point Stef! A lot of social traffic comes in as direct but measuring the other part is important as it gives you insights into the behavior of visitors from social channels.

    One way to get more info is to tag the links that you put into social media sites. This way some of the directs (not all) resolve into more meaningful data.

    The information from social segment is valuable but you have to understand the limitations.

  13. Stef says:

    Results given by Google Analytics concerning Social Media trafic should be taken with a bit of salt, to say the least.
    As Baekdal proved here :

  14. Mandar Thosar says:

    After reading your post I have immediately created a segment in my Google Analytics account.
    Very good insight on how to measure social marketing efforts. However, it can not measure 100% impact created through our efforts. It can just tell about people who have landed on our website through social updates.

  15. JAMES says:

    great notes

  16. Karen says:

    Thank you Google Analytics!
    (honestly, I’m still trying to figure all this analytics stuff out….remember, I’m OLD!)

    Kind Regards,

  17. Alicia Vaz says:

    This was very useful. I really appreciate that I’m able to use a tool such as Google Analytics to gather information, analyze and track my online traffic to say the least. One more report to add to my arsenal, yay! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Priit Kallas says:

    Thanks for your comment. I hope you can get some value out of it, Marc.

  19. Marc Skaggs says:

    Thanks! Followed it step by step, and now I have the social media broken out on my analytics. So easy!

  20. Keith Parnell says:

    Excellent article, Priit. Love the framing towards social communities.

    Landing Pages are god. Oh, wait, that was Clapton. 🙂

  21. Priit Kallas says:

    Thanks Mike. It’s really good to get feedback and I hope this post will give some value to readers.

  22. Mike Gleeson says:

    Like you said , I love stats and can spend days analyzing them.

    Also great for confusing the boss copy and paste states into a report Show alot of charts with trending upwards.

    Thanks for the Tip.

    P.S Following you on Twitter and loving the tweets.

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