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Mobile is here, and it’s here to stay. Morgan Stanley states that over 90% of shoppers have their phones and tablets with them for most of the 24 hours of a day, for all seven days in a week. And according to iMedia Connection, there are over five times more mobile phones than personal computers. Maybe you’re even reading this article with your cell phone right now.

If you’re running a business, it’s either go mobile, or die out. Especially since Google is boosting mobile-friendly websites in smartphone search results already.

However, mobile marketing isn’t as difficult as it seems. You are presented with various options to do it and to do it right. If you encounter some stumbling blocks, don’t fret. It’s all part of the learning process.

So, lets look at some mobile marketing strategies to get you more leads, conversions and sales.

Set Up the Basics

Before getting into mobile marketing, you have to ensure that all the necessary elements are ready and in place. If not, your strategies for lead generation will just be a waste of time.

The next thing you need to do is to try out your mobile website. Does your mobile site perform as it should? To find out, you can make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly tester. This way, it is possible to verify if your website is functional as a mobile site or not.


After you’ve checked your site, you need to create mobile-ready lead generation forms. This one is simple. Just make sure that it’s easy for prospects to fill out certain forms. By making the forms responsive to mobile phones and tablets, you have better chances of conversions.  One great tool to help you create these forms is Typeform.


Utilize Geo-Locational Mobile Ads

Start using geo-locational mobile ads to identify business prospects.  One of the many great things about the mobile display is that you get an precise read on a mobile device’s location using its built-in GPS chip. You can thereby personalize content, such as use local language or show prices in the local currency.

You can also define a geographic region which will trigger some type of action when entered (geofencing). For example, Outback Steakhouses lifted conversions by 11% with  using geofences around competitor restaurants. Their goal was to stimulate visits from loyal customers and change their behavior – and it worked!


Good news is that mobile ads can perform up to 5 times better than online ads.  But keep in mind that Google will soon start punishing sites that use annoying pop-up ads. It’s especially targeting overlays that gray out the content beneath them, so you need to carefully tap a little X to dismiss them.

Prepare Your Emails to Be Mobile-Friendly

Studies show there are as much as 53% people who may not look at their email when they are using their mobile devices. In this case, you may risk losing a more than half of your audience. But if you have the right marketing automation solution, you can try and optimize your email campaigns for the mobile users.

Hubspot gives good tips on how to optimise emails for mobile. You should:

  • Reduce image file sizes
  • Resize images by proportion of screen
  • Increase the size of links and CTA buttons
  • Create a responsive grid system (your own template)
  • Invest in responsive email templates that are available in sites like Zurb:


Begin a Paid Local Mobile Search Campaign

Most mobile device users are on the go. Chances that mobile users will be making searches about local businesses are high. In fact, over 80% of mobile phone users use their devices for local searches. That means if you have a business that depends on local traffic, you have to make it sure that you show up in the local mobile searches. If not, then you’re missing out tons of opportunities.

And when optimising a paid search campaign, don’t just look at keywords. The future of cross-device search lies in better targeting. As Jeremy Hull, director of bought media at iProspect, puts it:

Focusing just on keywords is like reading an email from someone where you don’t get as many contextual clues. You just have the text. Looking at other information that the user passes when they search, such as device specifically, but also location … that’s equivalent of being able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone where you can read their body language.

Perform a Native Ad on Facebook

A native ad is a promotional message embedded within a Facebook feed. A good 50% of your prospects will probably get to see your native Facebook ad using their mobile phones. This is an easy and simple means to get started in your mobile marketing.

According to Facebook, native advertising will be the majority of mobile by 2020.


You can read the full study here.

Begin a Rich Media Mobile Display Campaign

Rich media is an excellent method to engage people with your mobile display campaigns. You can have lots of fun using rich media ads. Create quizzes, games and puzzles that enable your audience to interact with your brand. Allow 360-degree product views, incorporate augmented reality  – there are so many opportunities!

Another creative example was Nivea’s magazine ad paired with an app which helped parents identify their child’s location:

And of course, use video. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

Generate a Mobile Survey

Try using TwtPoll when you’re planning to give out a speech or presentation to your audience through their mobile devices. This tool allows you to create a poll which your audience can respond to using their gadgets. This is a great way to make use of mobile in a B2B environment, and engage prospects with your products and services.


Use SMS to Capture Leads

At events and trade shows, you can utilize SMS to capture leads. These days, nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled. Take advantage of that! Especially since SMS campaigns are quite under-utilized by most of the B2B marketers.

You will be needing an SMS provider to assist you since SMS campaigns can get too technical. For instance, the world’s leading SMS/MMS provider Mblox has a free trial. So go ahead and try out texting you special offers and promos to your subscribers. But make sure you ask your audience permission dirst.


Create Customized Bots

Chatbots are the future of mobile interactions since most mobile users are not downloading apps anymore. Messenger bots enable you to easily manage customer relationsips and gather insights based on their feedback. What’s more, you can even sell your products inside the bot!


1-800-Flowers bot as an example that you will never have to dial 1-800-Flowers to buy flowers again. It’s pretty great!

Costumer service, online sales & chatbots in Facebook Messenger. Monetize customer relations on your Facebook page through AI tools. Get your bot now!


Mobile marketing is only intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it, it will be a lot easier to do. And the strategies we discussed above are just a fraction of all the things you can do in your mobile campaign. See what works best for you, your brand, and your campaign strategy.

Remember that you don’t have to do it alone. If you can afford it, why not hire a marketing agency? There are plenty of marketing agencies all over the world. For sure, they’ll be available in all the major cities. There are sure to be marketing agencies in London, New York, Chicago, LA, and so much more. All you need to do is make a quick Google search, and they’ll pop up in the results.nicolas-finet-bio


BIO: Nicolas Finet is the Co-founder of Sortlist. He is focused on growth, deploying talent and efforts to make it always faster. He earned his master’s degree at Solvay Business School and graduated as Cum Laude in Business Engineering (Management) with a Major in Marketing.

Photo Credit: Visual Hunt

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