New Rivals to Facebook and Twitter

Social media isn’t all about Twitter and Facebook. While they maybe the current key draws there are plenty of other networks nipping at their heels and waiting for them to do a MySpace. The other main reason for there being an assortment of social networks rather than just a couple that everyone uses is down to functionality; some networks possess attributes that others don’t and are quite happy to work just within their niche.

With that in mind we look at some of the biggest social networks around that you may or may not have heard of, looking at what they have to offer.


Google+ is the obvious big name rival to Facebook and Twitter, which since its launch has steadily grown and improved its functionality. When it first launched in June 2011 Google+ seemed like not much more than a striped down, minimalist Facebook for those that wanted out of the leading social network.

Since then though, Google has put a lot of emphasis on integrating it with its other services, most notably through its Search plus Your World addition to their enormously used search facility. This alone has great implications to how we perform searches in the future and in the process is an important way of drawing in new users, which currently stand at around the 90 million mark.


It was recently revealed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has signed up for this new invitation only social media site. Pinterest is an online pin board where you can share anything on the internet that tickles your fancy by creating your own vision board esc pinboards which you can pin them too. Through this you can create your own organised collections, complete with notes, while sharing them with people who have the same interest.

Interestingly, rather than looking to rival the big two social networks, Pinterest lets you log in using your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Once you’ve got your invite that is.


With a simple approach to blogging, Tumblr has seen great growth over the last year, attracting in waves of new bloggers. You can keep up to date with your favourite bloggers as it lets you follow other people’s blogs, while also allows you to post content to your own “tumblelog” microblogging platform.

As far as blogging platforms go, this is the market leader, with a huge amount of content to go through and share with others.

Like Pinterest, is a new social network that revolves around interests, letting you upload and share anything that you enjoy on the web (or the real world for that matter), with others. It is set apart from Pinterest through the number of different types of media you can post (minus the pins), but it is still in beta so it will be worth keeping your eye on it to see how it develops.

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3 Responses

  1. webmaster says:

    Google+ have been used by few people online but it’s not just like other social network sites like Facebook if it came in popularity. I have also wonder that Pinterest is being talked by many users because of it’s features.

  2. webmaster says:

    Google+ have been by few people online but it’s not just like other social network sites like Facebook if it came in popularity. I have also wonder that Pinterest is being talked by many users because of it’s features.

  3. Jacob says:

    Like that you addressed Tumblr. It’s fascinating how messaging in snippets has caught on in the marketing industry, and the Pinterest explosion has definitely highlighted how valuable direct interaction can be. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

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