New Twitter Brand Pages – Guideline and Examples

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Not a long time ago, Twitter announced they are rolling out a complete overhaul in their website’s design. Besides many new and interesting features, Twitter also rolled out Twitter brand pages which features pinned tweets, a customized banner and a neat looking design interface. While the general interface has been rolled out to public, only a select few have access to Twitter’s new brand pages. However, expect brand pages to roll out any time now. For now though, start by customizing your Twitter background image. Also, don’t forget to read the 17 tips helpful tips when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

What to do?

  • Promote limited time special offers through a customized background and/or banner. Take a look at McDonald’s example below to see a clever use of their banner. Don’t forget to use call-to-actions!
  • Drive traffic to your other resources. Your brand page bio is limited by only a few characters and you may not have enough space to say everything you want to. Use the background to link to your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and other profiles your business might have. However, long and confusing URL’s are a no-no. If you can’t avoid a long url, use or a custom link shortener to clean it up..
  • Use your company’s slogan to add a personal touch. Personally, I really like Heineken’s open your world slogan.
  • Use call to actions that prompt users to follow you. Add a reason or two about why they should follow you.
  • Use visuals that describe what your business is about. Clouds and rainbows might be cool but you should be aiming to establish context. So if your business is about selling soccer equipment, make sure your design your background accordingly.
  • Use big text fonts. 12px fonts are unreadable and useless if no-one can read out what you’re trying to say.

Examples of New Twitter Brand Pages

The following examples of Twitter brand pages should give you some inspiration for designing your Twitter brand page and distinguish you brand from your competition. Have fun!

JetBlue Airways

jetblue twitter brand page


heineken twitter brand page

Best Buy

best buy twitter brand page


mlb twitter brand page

Taco Bell

taco bell twitter brand page


nikestore twitter brand page

Disney Pixar

disney pixar twitter brand page


audi twitter brand page

Coca Cola

coca cola twitter brand page


pepsi twitter brand page


mcdonalds twitter brand page

Red Bull

red bull twitter brand page

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