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After a sluggish year in 2015 Twitter has made some changes in order to increase usage by both users and marketers alike.

Not only did they bring out several new and rather exciting features but also a brand new logo as well.

How can these new features be helpful to you? What about to marketers? I’d like to explore those questions with you.

We are going to look at 5 new features. Thay are interesting and helpful to your twitter usage and social media marketing.

New features

These new features have either already come out or are scheduled to come later this year. Many of these may be geared toward communication professional and marketers. But everyday users may find them both interesting and useful as well.

1. Top Twitter Stories


The weeks top twitter stories. One of the new features is an email digest that shows up in your inbox each week. It is full of the most pertinent tweets and stories from the people with who you are connected to. This is a great feature for people who do not necessarily have time to be on twitter every day. Once a week you can find out what has been going on and get the main point of the tweets and stories that you missed. If you click the avatar, you will be taken to the actual story, this is a great feature that is in the weekly email digest. For marketers it is a way to generate leads. If you wish to sell your product or services you need leads to generate sales.

2. Conversational ads


These are going to be great for marketers. If the conversational ads that work much like polls, do not work for you there is going to be a buy now button available as well. Twitter ads already allowed for hyper-targeting. The conversational ads are the call to action instigated by the tweet it came from. These are not the only options that will be available to. So be sure to watch for even more new features coming out in the very new future.

3. Tailored trends


Tailored trends are going to be far more closely relevant to what you care about, which makes it great for marketers. How the tailored trends work to get you closer to what you care about is based on your location and who follow. This is a fantastic feature as it lets you stay on top of what is going on in your industry. You can also customize these by clicking change and choosing what you wish to have changed maybe location, maybe related industry.

4. Follow suggestions


This feature allows you to get suggestions on who to follow based on those you are already following. This is a great tool if you want to find other people in your or related industry to follow. It is a great way to expand your network to relevant content. This helps you as a marketer find and connect with influencers and therefore provide more potential customers. By tweeting on their feed you automatically have your brand or name in front of more followers. If your tweets are engaging and valuable those other leaders in your industry just may tweet on your feed as well. This will give you more credibility and a larger network.

5. More characters

This will provide marketers another platform for content. Twitter is raising the limit from 140 characters to a 10,000 character limit. Not necessarily a big feature to the everyday user but marketers will find it helpful.

What else is new with twitter?

A new timeline look is coming and yes you will be able to opt out of this. If you spend 8 or 10 hours off of Twitter when you return to twitter, you’ll find the best feature posts from the day. If you open it up several times in an 8 hour time frame, there will be a less of the “while you were away”- feature posts separating the sequential tweets. The algorithm that re-orders your timeline is based on the one that ranks tweets for the “while you were away” feature that was brought out a year ago.


Twitter has given implanted tweets an upgrade: now instead of only one tweet, you’ll be able to include the entire content. What will be implanted? The actual tweets as well as any media related to those tweets. These include pictures, movie clips, and surveys as well summaries and records will also be embeddable.

Revised Anti-harassment / violence / bullying terms. Twitter has updated and revised the terms in order to actively prevent distasteful activity on the network. To go along with this revision they have increased the number of employees to enforce the new revisions.

Go Live’ Button for Periscope, this button links to Periscope and allows user to transmit directly through Twitter. This feature will expand the content types that marketers and content creators can use to get their content spark out in Twitter. It will also keep Twitter feeds from being so cluttered and provides the opportunity to acquire meetings in a live video format.


Many users thought Twitter was either dead or dying due to lack of new features and a slow year last year. This year is seeing many new features geared toward marketing to take advantage of more ways to earn money and loyal followers for their brands.

So while the new features are not just for the regular user, they too can find them useful if they are willing to try them out. The main thing here for users is to consider Twitter more of a news social media instead of a chat site. Since more and more people are using social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and others to get their news from.

While there have already been several new features introduced to Twitter, there are more yet to come so don’t count Twitter out just yet.

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