New update, Facebook started to charged for messages

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New update,   facebook started to charged for messagesFacebook is significantly gaining more and more popularity very rapidly because of the addition of latest features in it. As a social networking website it has given its users wide variety in connecting with other people. Recently Facebook is going to taste a new system by which the users will be able to send messages in the inbox of the people who are outside of their immediate circle. However, for that the customers have to pay very small amount.

What the latest feature is:

Before when you used to send a message to a Facebook user, who is not your friend, those messages used to reach the folder ‘other’. This folder was launched in the year 2011 by Facebook. ‘Other’ is considered to be a folder which most of the users do not pay attention to because generally they receive irrelevant and unimportant messages there. However, now it will be possible for you to send a message to a person who is not your Facebook friend. It will reach his or her inbox. However, for this you have to pay $1 for each message. However, the new feature is only going to be tested with only some of the Facebook users at the moment. Facebook is going to launch another feature in the month of October this year, by the help of which you will be able to promote your updates to more people just like the advertisers. However, to avail this feature you will require spending $7 for each update.

Why Facebook is launching it:

New update, facebook started to charged for messagesOne of the main reasons for Facebook to launch this feature is that they want to increase their revenue. For most of the users it can seem that $1 is little too high for sending just a message. However, if people do not use Facebook for this reason, Facebook will surely decrease the cost but the main purpose of this social networking website will be fulfilled that they will successfully achieve better revenue. Facebook is trying to attach more and more credit card numbers with themselves, so that they can successfully reach their high ambition.


According to Facebook, the main benefit will be to decrease the number of spammers. They used to send unnecessary and irrelevant messages as it used to cost nothing. However, now, they will not be interested to do so, as they will be charged for each message. Secondly, if you want to send an important message to somebody who is not your Facebook friend, it will reach his inbox. Therefore, he or she will pay attention to your message. It is obviously good for emergency and business purpose. Through this new feature you will only receive those messages which are supposed to be relevant and essential for you. It will also help you to be connected with more and more relevant people for you who was not your Facebook friend before.


New update, facebook started to charged for messagesFacebook is one of the most popular social networking website where people can get connected to other people free of cost. They also send messages, updates for free. You can also do free advertisement. Now, as some of the users now have to pay for sending messages. According to some of the people, this very thing will actually destroy the main essence of using a social networking website like Facebook. If people have to pay money for the communication they will not choose Facebook only. Actually some of the Facebook users are not happy with the beginning of any charge associated with Facebook.

Is there any subscription base charge:

There is also a rumor which is become popular day by day that there will be a premium charges for using Facebook in near future. As per the rumors are concern it will be $0.99 in the beginning. The fee will increase according to the numbers of friends you have, and how many posts you are sending and receiving. Overall, Facebook will not at all be free and as a Facebook user you are surely not going to like it. Your expense will increase with the usage time of your Facebook account. Facebook is now one of the most popular social networking sites. However, if it adds premium charging there is a chance that a lot of users will stop using Facebook and choose the other popular social networking websites more. However, Facebook has not still said anything specific about it. However, the charges for the message to the non friends in Facebook are giving birth to this rumor.

However, the charge for sending message to the people who are not your friend can be beneficial for most of the users. It will surely decrease the number of spam messages. However, in the beginning users can be little dissatisfied with any kind of charge associated with Facebook. However, according to a lot of analysts the Facebook users will become habituated with the new feature with time because this will increase the chance for you to be connected with more and more people relevant to you.




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