Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in Facebook

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Everyone loves Ninjas. Why? Simple dude because Ninjas are smart, they are capable, agile, proactive and they are hard working as well. Oh, I forget to mention that they succeed at almost everything they get involved. So, what about incorporating some of the traits and techniques of Ninjas into your online reputation management job? Sounds pretty cool huh? Of course, it is cool.  So, just like the Ninjas, let’s get straight into the thick of things without much ado:

Be Smart:

Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in Facebook

Yes, Ninjas are smart. Ok, I accept the fact that I have formed this idea from watching some Hollywood action flicks but you cannot deny that they are smart. They know how to do things in a way that cannot be described as boring. The same thing is applied when you are managing online presence of a brand. Since the Internet is teeming with information galore, you cannot manage your work effectively unless you know how to cut through the complexities by using your smartness or presence of mind.  To be able to work smart, an online reputation manager needs to have access to some cool tools like – Google Alerts which will send mails whenever it finds mention of the brand name (however, you need to set it accordingly), SocialMention, that gives you an insight of what people are saying about your brand and so on.

Be Strong:

Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in FacebookYou should not react strongly at the sight of some negative feedbacks posted somewhere. This is a part and parcel of your job and therefore, you have to show nerve of steel. Do not panic because it will not do any good to your campaign. Rather you should face things headstrong without fear. Try to gauge the severity of the situation and figure out whether it requires you to join the conversation because it is not proper for a big brand to get involved in public brawl. So think twice before you get involved. Be strong and focus on things that will add value to building a brand image rather than wasting your time on frivolous things.


Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in FacebookNinjas are always agile. They do not wait for the opportunity rather they believe in creative opportunities. Your branding strategy should be done in the same way. You should not be waiting for the worse moment when people start abusing your company for pathetic service or something like that. You should work proactively. You can run a brand awareness program or else you can run a campaign just to get feedbacks of people. This will help you understand what people in general think about your company thus helps you avert a major crisis. “I will do this when this happen” – you need to change this mindset to something like this – “I will do this so that I do not have to do that”. A positive vibe will pervade the whole atmosphere if you can manage to think like this.

Work hard, really Hard:

Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in FacebookYes, I know you are smart enough to do things in a jiffy but that does not mean that hard working does not pays off. Hard work has its own share of benefits. When you are in the learning curve of knowing how to protect your brand image from coming under severe strain or how to talk to with an irate customer, working hard is the only way out. Moreover, when you are on the last leg of straightening out an issue with someone who is visibly angry with the quality of your company’s service, using a shortcut can be counterproductive. Hard work and smart management are the key to success. In fact, it is the holy Grail of Success, which is chased by everyone around.


Ninja Techniques to manage your reputation in FacebookDo not rush to things. You need to have a list of websites where your targeted customers are most likely to visit and then figure out where your visitors are most likely to say bad things about your company if they are unsatisfied with the quality of the service. Once you have got hold of the list of sites, you need to break down things in the following fashion – which websites are highly popular, which sites see high interaction among visitors etc.  So, before you indulge in getting involved in cleaning the tattering image from those sites, check their background just to ensure that you are wasting your time on something worthless. Ninjas follow the same rule. They do extensive research and that is why they possess some of the most amazing weapons.



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