Our Most Read Social Media Post For 2009

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Happy, happy, happy new year to everybody! 2010 will be the best year yet. Social media will integrate into our lives and we stop counting how many times someone is checking their Facebook. Here are our most read post from the 2009.


46 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools. It’s a good strategy to see first what free has to offer and the try to find tools that fit in the gaps you need to fill.

22 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2010. This is what we think will be important in social media in 2010. The slide show in the post was featured on Slideshale and got more than 2000 views in first week.

Market Share of Social Networking Sites 2009. What is going up and where should I participate? These are questions everyone is trying to answer.

Facebook More Visited Than Google. Facebook has a good chance to become THE site people visit and a new poster boy to replace Google.

A Simple Social Media Platform. We drew a picture just to get a clear vision how a simple social media platform should look like.

8 steps to social media goodness. Blindingly obvious for some but I still felt that it’s good to write down the basics and revisit them from time to time.

World Map Of Social Networks. People are stat junkies, as with the firs post on the list, everyone wants to see the numbers.

Social media weekend: Seth Godin, relationships, marketing is dead. All our social media weekend link post got a lot of readers, but this one stood out. We’ll continue to give you links every weekend.

The Mobile Internet is Bigger Than You Think. I wa really blown away by the numbers. The mobile is BIG. Really, really big.

Social media helping to spike up Mercury sales in New England. Our take on sucessful social media case.

We’ll try to keep thing interesting. Every post we make should be useful to our readers. Please let us know what matters to you and we’ll try to cover that. Thank you for reading.
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