Pinterest – The Hottest Social Media Website This Year

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Pinterest is one of the newest social media websites on the Internet, and it’s growing like wildfire. Maybe you’ve heard of it but still have not given into committing yourself to yet another social website. Browsing Pinterest has been described by members as getting a new magazine everyday. That is because Pinterest is a conglomeration of people’s interests and favorites – a wealth of information and pictures shared by other members.

But Pinterest is entirely different from other leading networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Whereas these sites are all about staying connected with others, Pinterest is all about inspiration by sharing ideas, knowledge, and information with others – from favorite recipes to beautiful landscaping.

The site is a basically an enormous online pinboard or a virtual scrapbook of all your favorite things. Part of what makes Pinterest so popular is that it is so easy to use. The concept is simple: “pin” you’re your favorite recipes, pictures, tips – anything – to your boards, which are organized into various categories. These pins are bookmarked to the original website where members can find the original source and more info on the pin. Members can view each other’s boards and “follow” each others pinning activity.

Pinterest is not a social networking site. It is not about posting comments and writing messages to friends and family. It is not so much about interacting with other members but more about sharing your passions. It is all about the visual with hundreds of photos of beautiful people, places, and things. Although members are able to post comments and opinions on pins, the main concept of Pinterest is to share interests through pictures.

Even though the concept may seem ridiculously simple, Pinterest has reached status of the hottest new social media of 2012. Within the last six months, Pinterest has boomed in popularity. Between September and December alone the site grew by 400%. While comparable media sites are geared towards a certain demographic, Pinterest accepts all as members to bookmark their passions to share with others.

 Share Your Faves

The other aspect that makes Pinterest so popular is that it allows you to share your favorite things with others and to follow the similar interests of other members. It is an excellent place to draw inspiration from others and get new ideas for anything from parties to decorating. Some have even used the site to share their boards with designers to facilitate a project.

 Share Helpful Advice

Pinterest has driven a lot of traffic to search engines like Google, however, members tend to turn towards Pinterest in their time of need. Although the majority of pins consist of members’ favorite things, it is also it is an incredible resource of knowledge.


Members share pins for advice and tips for a variety of practical things. And they come primarily from members who are moms and other women who have tested tried and true tips and advice on everything from how to potty train your kid to do-it-yourself projects to how to make your own jewelry and so much more. This makes Pinterest a trusted source for how to do almost anything, driving the site’s popularity. Best of all, you can keep your favorite tips by pinning them to your own board. Then you always have easy access to them in your time of need.

When you finally cave into the peer pressure and join Pinterest, it won’t be long before you’re hopelessly addicted, surfing the web for your favorite things and compiling your virtual pinboards. When you begin sharing and drawing inspiration for clothing, decorating, quotes, recipes, and so much more, you’ll see why Pinterest is this year’s hottest new site.



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