Post Instagram Images to Twitter as Images

If you want to get your Instagram images to Twitter as images then you are out of luck as Instagram doesn’t let you do that.


Twitter sharing in Instagram mobile app

You will get something like this.


Instagram tweet without image (click for live Twitter view)

So, you have to manually post them with a tool like Hootsuite that lets you create image tweets. However, there is an easier way. Create an automatic recipe in and when you post on Instagram, the pictures will show up in your Twitter feed as full images rather than just links. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log to your IFTTT account (set up an account)
  • Give IFTTT permission to connect to your Instagram and Twitter accounts
  • Create the recipe to fit your specific needs or just copy this one. It will tweet an image if you add hashtag #tweet to your Instagram image.

When you do that your images will be published to Twitter in all their gloey. Just like this:


Instagram tweet with image (click for live Twitter view)

There are a lot of other options you can use combining Twitter with Instagram using IFTTT recipes. In case of Instagram you can use following triggers:

  • Any new photo you share on Instagram
  • New photo by you with specific hashtag
  • Every time you share a public photo at a location you specify.
  • You like a photo
  • New photo by specific user
  • New photo by anyone in area
  • New photo by anyone with specific hashtag
  • Any new video by you
  • New video by you with specific hashtag
  • You like a video
  • New video by specific user
  • New video by anyone with specific hashtag


And then you can send it to Twitter in following ways:

  • Post a new tweet to your Twitter account
  • Post a tweet with a linked image.
  • Send a direct message to yourself
  • Update profile picture from the image URL you specify and optionally tweet about it
  • Update bio and optionally tweet about it
  • Add a user to a Twitter list you specify


You can use different ingredients of your Instagram post to compose your tweet.


IFTTT Instagram tweet ingredients

Finally the recipe to tweet the Instagram image with specific hashtag will look like this:


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