Promoting Your Restaurant Business with Twitter Chat

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Twitter, like other forms of social media, has been looked at by marketers as a great way to reach your audience. Due to the short nature of Twitter messages, communication through this site tends to be on an informal basis. You are able to relate to your customers easier due to the fact that you are more approachable. You might not think that Twitter marketing would be useful to a restaurant, but you’d be wrong.

How does Twitter chat work?

Twitter doesn’t use traditional chat rooms as commonly known. Instead, when users are talking about the same topic they use hashtags. These hashtags are placed on a keyword that covers the chat topic or a similar word. Twitter users can then see all of the tweets that are associated with that particular hash tag. This allows for an impromptu chat session to spring up out of nowhere. A benefit to Twitter-based chats is that you have no upper limit on the amount of participants. All of the users go through the Twitter service and anyone can pop in and give their two cents during the discussion.

If you don’t want to host your own Twitter chat, you can get in on other chats that are occurring. Answering questions and concerns in another Twitter chat is a great way to become known as an authority in your industry. You don’t want to only promote your products or services, but you should participate in conversations in order to help users, this will make your company seem more credible.

How can restaurant’s benefit from Twitter chat?

Restaurant owners have a unique position on how home chefs can make their own meals more delicious. Why not share it over a Twitter chat? Owners can also answer questions as diverse as what sort of restaurant supplies are essential for budding home-caterers.

Restaurants also benefit from Twitter by showing off their food to a wide range of people. If you are running a promotion or coupon offer, looking for related hashtags provides you with a great direct marketing technique. You can talk in chats that deal with your type of cuisine, or those relating to your local area. Either way, you have a direct line to your potential and current customers, and you should make good use of it. Another way to work your food into a Twitter chat is hashtagging your current specials and other interesting bits of restaurant news.

It’s easy to set up a Twitter account for your business in order to take advantage social media. Once you have an established account, watch the sidebar for trending topics or identify hashtag keywords that you’d like to follow. You can search different terms to get an idea of what your potential customer base currently discussing. And don’t forget to use third party social media programs like Tweetdeck to make participating and starting Twitter chats even easier.

One Twitter chat marketing technique used by mobile restaurants, such as food trucks, involves tweeting the truck’s location and opening up a dialog with those who come out to try their food. Twitter provides local trending topics, so people in your immediate vicinity will see your Twitter chat hashtag.

Another example is to plan out menus with the help of your Twitter followers. Even if a Twitter follower was not planning on eating at the restaurant that day, they’re more likely to come in if they have some sort of investment in what’s available on the menu.


No matter what type of restaurant business you run, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. Twitter might have the most informal tone out of most social networks, but that can be beneficial. You need some time to adjust to approaching your audience in such a direct manner, hopefully avoiding any major mishaps for your restaurant along the way. After that, you’ll find it as second nature as any other form of marketing.


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