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There is a rumor circulating over the past weeks that Facebook will be announcing Timeline for Pages. You can see it by yourself at the first ever live-streamed Facebook Marketing Conference in New York 29th February.

The change will have a great impact on brands’ online marketing. You need to know the most important benefits to your customers to be able to fill in the blank cover photo with an appropriate one.

Much work soon

Tabs will also change, and it will be a challenge for you if you use own custom tabs. You may need to re-code everything, or ask your developers to do so. If you work with landing page providers and promotion builders, they will notify you about the changes.

Timeline for Pages may be introduced at the first Facebook Marketing Conference.

Anyway, it’s sure that you won’t need to worry too much should your page accidentally turn to be a Timeline. Facebook may allow you to decide when to apply the new outlook. (Of course being an early bird  gives your company a momentum.)

Tips on how to be prepared for the change:

  • Check old posts, which you don’t want to be shown.
  • Prepare a nice cover image.
  • If you have your own custom tabs, make sure to inform your developers that they will need to fix the application according to the new format.
  • You might want to consider a pretty background image like on Twitter.

Coloring seems to be a reasonable way to show the active tab.

3 technical ideas to consider:

1. Colors Mean Active

Small pictures may be uploaded to the “tabs”, which are widgets on the Timeline. Coloring seems to be a reasonable way to show the active tab.

2. Wide Ones

Promotions may have a wide canvas for better user experience. There may be small widgets on the Timeline Wall referring to the wide canvas application.

3. Instant Joy

The cover photo will be an instant tool for marketers. You will not need to use applications to upload images as tabs, because it will be a simple image-upload just as cover photos on personal profiles. Marketers may change images as often as they want, it will be very easy. You can show seasonal info there with currently running promotions.

Pages may switch to the Timeline mode sooner or later, so Antavo Promotion Builder created a potential outlook for promotion tabs.

Promotions may have a wide canvas for better user experience.

Your Turn:

What do you expect from Timeline for Pages? Are you happy for the change?

About the author: Zsuzsa Szabo is the co-founder of Antavo Promotion Builder helping marketers to get more customers and engage the existing ones. She tweets as @szabozsuzsa and @antavopromotion.


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9 Responses

  1. Wilco says:

    Great article Zsuzsa! Hopefully fan pages will live during this Timeline-update (but I’m sure they will). Currently custom tabs are partially used for branding, but I agree that – in order to win on FB – it needs to have some viral aspects.

    Here you’ll find an infographic with all Timeline events – including some more speculations (in case you’re interested):

    • Zsuzsa Szabo says:

      Hi Wilco, you created this graphics? it’s great!!

      I am curious what’s going to happen today 🙂

      (It took a while till I managed to follow you on twitter. You may put your twitter account name below the post you created!)

  2. Leigh Pinkston says:

    This is a great guide, thanks for providing it. I was wondering if you have a prediction on when the Timeline will be in general release, as speculation is that it will only be in beta after Feb 29.

    • Mart Prööm says:

      Hi Leigh, good question! Judging by the overhauling changes I would assume it would take months for a complete roll-out. Even profile timelines aren’t rolled out globally, yet.

      Feb 29th will provide us with a sneak preview after which we know what changes are we going to be adapting to. Also, we can start making definite plans for the future.

    • Zsuzsa Szabo says:

      Hi Leigh, Hi Mart, yes, we – at Antavo – are not so worried about the changes, but I see some guys in the industry who are so much nervous, that they prepare to change the whole layout on 29th February when Facebook will change everything. 😀
      Of course not. And usually Facebook has this 3 months policy before bigger changes.
      We will see.

    • Mart Prööm says:

      I agree completely, Zsuzsa! FB’s policy determines they need to notify the developers and seeing that they haven’t done so would only mean that the layout won’t be radically altered. Maybe a few adjustments here and there but I seriously doubt that FB would piss off the developers and make them redesign their applications.

  3. Carletta says:

    I was wondering about the sweepstakes or promotions. When you run them, do you HAVE to have all the legal documents and if you do, who do you get to write them up?

    • Mart Prööm says:

      Thanks Carletta for your question. It’s a really good one, actually. We usually have a draft of sweepstakes Terms and Conditions which we edit (aka fill out the blanks basically).
      These kinds of terms are usually very much alike and only differentiate a little. These kinds of conditions usually reference participating, prizes (such as you cannot exchange your prize, etc), how to claim your prizes, that this is in no matter affiliated/sponsored by Facebook and so on.

      Try Googling the term ‘sweepstakes terms and conditions’ or something similar to get an idea. These are pretty much basic.

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