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5 Tips How to Promote Your Blog with Quora

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quora content marketing

5 Tips How to Promote Your Blog with Quora

Home / Content Marketing / 5 Tips How to Promote Your Blog with Quora
quora content marketing
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Every blogger should incorporate Q&A sites into their content marketing strategy. It’s a great way to build authority in your industry and create backlinks to improve your blog rankings.

We recently published a post on how to use Yahoo Answers to promote your blog. But there's another great source of visits: A site founded by two former Facebook employees in 2009.

According to Alexa, Quora ranks amongst 150 top sites in the world and its popularity is rising. The active writers on Quora sport an average of 30,000+ monthly views and 350,000+ annual views. The most active writers get 90,000+ views monthly and 1+ million yearly. (Source: Quora)

Quora is even better than Yahoo Answers because it has more effective mechanisms for promoting and bringing out quality content. Quora has:

  • Less spam and less stupid questions. The answers are more thought out, and you see fewer bloggers desperately filling the daily quota.
  • Better abilities to add social media accounts like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Less herd mentality:

I am not blaming all the Yahoo Answers users, but the majority of them are just herd followers. A bit less opinionated, if someone says yes, everyone says yes. Once in a while, a user will come up with their own answer, but still, the answer would have no explanation. On the other hand, on Quora, there is no herd mentality. There are different opinions from different points of view, and most importantly the answers are thoroughly explained.


Thus, Quora is the perfect platform for becoming a thought leader in your field. Imran over at SmartBlogger says Quora is also the number-one traffic driver for his blog. And not just traffic, long-term traffic.

So you've created your epic blog post… here are the steps for using to promote your piece. The fifth one explains how to create a blog on Quora.

1. Create a profile

Log into Quora with your Facebook or Google account and pick out ten topics that relate to your blog. There are over 300,000 topics to choose from. You can always add more topics later by using the “search box.”

quora topics content marketing

Additionally, search and follow blogs that interest you by typing in the blog name or author.

When creating your profile, pay special attention to your bio and description. Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile as a tagline above your answer. It's a great branding opportunity, so describe yourself in a catchy and memorable way, like Joseph does here:

quora profile content marketing

As a next step, fill out your Quora profile as much as possible. Set up a topic-specific bio by clicking on your profile. In the right column, there's a list of “Knows About” topics. Describe your experience in each of the chosen areas.

Complete also your interests, cities, education, work history. Don’t forget to add your other social media accounts to Quora.

Here's an example of one of the most followed people on Quora, blogger James Altucher:

quora profile jamesaltucher content marketing

quora profile bio knows content marketing

Here's a compilation of the three main building blocks of James' Quora page: the main profile highlighting his activity/history aka answers, his bio and “Knows About” section.

2. Choose the questions

Browse through the list of questions until you find one that you feel comfortable answering. You can use two different strategies or combine them:

  • Find a question that hasn’t been answered yet or only has one or two replies. Answering to smaller niche topics or new questions makes it easy to stand out.
  • Find questions with lots of upvotes. The upvotes indicate that the questions are viewed a lot. Many great answers on Quora go viral and are read by tens of thousands of people. Use this list to see what were the most followed topics last year!
  • Plant a question that people may search for on Google. For example, Orizaba Original is selling blankets made in Mexico and I couldn't find a Quora question for “What is a Mexican Blanket?”. This is an opportunity for them to have someone post it, answer it in great depth on behalf of their Founder, and then potentially get additional visibility by ranking for that query on Google.

Bonus tip! If you find an interesting or popular question that is related to you, use it as a source of inspiration for your original blog post. Write a quality article about it and offer your answer in Quora with your blog link included.

3. Provide the answers

Answer the questions the best way you can. Buffer Social suggests that your answers should be “good and short” which further means:

  • showing passion about the topic;
  • being specific;
  • being focused;
  • putting some personality into the answer;
  • providing storytelling with takeaways.

As Rick stated in the Yahoo Answers article, it’s also important to give extra information over and above the bare minimum necessary to qualify as an acceptable answer. He gives an example:

If a user asks about the best way to remove a certain virus from her PC, don’t simply give the steps required to perform the task at hand. Also write a short paragraph explaining the origin of the virus and ways to prevent becoming infected again in the future. Feel free to hit your favorite search engine for a quick boost in knowledge that you can then impart to the questioner via your answer.

So, what are the examples of best ranked answers on Quora? Luckily the site itself has been asked that question before. One good example is Michael Wolfe’s answer to why Dropbox is so popular:

quora answer dropbox content marketing

It's clear, organized, to-the-point and has a chatty, humorous style.

4. List URL

After you have answered the question, list the URL of a relevant post on your blog as the source for your answer. That’s the way you get clicks and traffic to your blog.

Here’s an example of Quora's top ranking answer to the question “How do you find out if someone is a jerk before you hire them?”:

quora answer with URL content marketing

The first half of the answer has already three links smoothly planted in the text. It also doesn't hurt to use visuals in your answer to catch the viewer's eye.

5. Create a Quora blog

Quora offers the opportunity to create a separate blog on their platform ( It can be a valuable part of your social marketing strategy.

quora blog

To quote one of Quora's users Jeff Meyerson:

“Blogging on Quora allows for the strongest synergy between a blog and semi-random Internet browsing.”

According to Quora their blog is great for writers who don't have an audience and also for bloggers who have an audience but want to reach more people.

The most followed blog on Quora is called “Leading a better life” by Oliver Emberton. The blogger offers motivational tips and tricks for everyday life. He has a simple conversational writing style and his posts include colourful graphs and images.
quora most followed blog

Hope you found these tips useful! And feel free to let us know how you are using Quora to promote your blog.

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