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S0cial media resourcesIn my search for different cases of social media I have stumbled on a lot of lists about organizations using social media. To make them easier to find I post them all here for reference. Special thanks goes to Peter Kim for starting the huge list in A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples.

A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples. Pure gold! 1,140 examples at the time of this post. You can sort them by company name, type of social media, industry and country.

Ray Schiel’s list of uses of social media by category: online video, applications, widgets, social networks, blogging, podcasting, crowdsourcing, bookmarking and tagging, microblogging, photosharing, wiki, virtual worlds, mashup, word of mouth, pr, etc.

26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail on Ignite Social Media’s blog. 22 cases analyzed four more to go. This list goes deeper and gives an overview of what’s really happening.

Social Media Blogs Top 200. Learn from the gurus and improve. The list uses PageRank, FeedBurner, Alexa, and Technorati, the average number of comments for ranking.

The Top 50 Social Media Blogs Of The Year has created a list of great social media blogs.

15 Top Social Media Agencies. Who are the top dogs on the business. Learn guys. Social media companies can be research focused, software heavy, app developers, monitoring services or consulting firms. The social media agency is one that helps companies extend their brand and marketing through training, long term strategy, and execution.

It’ll take a lot of time to go through all that material but if you know a really good resourece then please add it in the comments.

Social Media Marketing 2019, PPC on 10+ Platforms.

Social Media Marketing courseLearn how to market via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and more advertising platforms! This must-have course has a 4.5 rating out of 4,235 ratings with more than 37,000 students enrolled.

Take a look at the social media marketing course

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