Saving a Social Media Sinking Ship

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Facing a floundering social media program can be a challenge that even the most profitable companies have to deal with. Since social media marketing is still so relatively new, it’s hard to know effective strategies, and separate them from ones that are less profitable. A social media sinking ship can seem impossible to save, but it is possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to turn the tide. But before you climb on the life boat and try to swim to safety, these steps may help save a sputtering program prior to deciding it’s time to shut it down and move on to something else.

1) Find out why it’s failing

The key to successfully turning a process around that isn’t working is to find out why it isn’t. This works in all aspects of business, yet a lot of companies fail to see this correlation when it comes to their social medial program. Like any other strategy, a social media program is often a series of trials and errors. Dissecting the good from the bad is imperative to saving a social media program from ending up on the cutting room floor, especially when it can still be profitable. Is your contact entertaining and useful, or is it just posts and posts of sales and product placement? What is the reaction you’re getting on your pages from customers or potential customers? What kinds of resources have been dedicated to maintaining the program, and are they sufficient? By nailing the problem, the solution often becomes clearer.

2) Focus on succeeding areas

Chances are, your social media program is diversified in an attempt to reach as much of your target audience as possible. For example, you probably have a Facebook profile, as well as a presence on Pintrest, or even a YouTube channel. If your YouTube videos are not driving customers to your door but you have an established base on Facebook which is generating interest, focus on that. No one says you have to maintain YouTube videos once a week from now until eternity. If an aspect of your social media program is not performing as well as you’d like and it’s taking up valuable resources with little benefit, pull the resources from the product that isn’t working and put them on the one that is. By refocusing your attention on a thriving community on Facebook, you can ensure your content is better, your customer interactions are better, and your presence is more defined which can, in turn, generate more profits. Your YouTube channel doesn’t have to be abandoned completely forever – it may be revived in the future. If it’s not generating the profits you’d like, it’s okay to turn your attention somewhere else.

A struggling social media program does not have to mean a death knell for all your efforts, and you don’t have to pull the plug on something that has required time, effort and resources. Simply balance your portfolio. Not all programs require the same amount of resources in order to be profitable, and it is okay to move resources from one place to another to focus on the quality of content on an established, working platform. By keeping pace with competition and striving for excellence in content and customer relations, even a floundering social media program can once again be turned into a profitable venture.


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