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social media: men have a heartWho would have thought! Men care and have a soft spot or two. The survey of men by The PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey has found interesting data about men’s attitudes towards brands that have a cause marketing program.

Men are an important audience to consider when crafting cause marketing initiatives, finds this year’s PRWeek/Barkley PR Cause Survey.

  • 88% of men answered it’s important for them that a brand supports a cause
  • 61% have made a purchase because the brand supported a cause
  • 67% would try a brand because it supported a cause
  • 55% are willing to pay more for a brand that supports a cause

So, yes we care! Men are actually human and if you touch something that is important for us we will react favorably. Most of the marketers do not use that to their advantage as 68% say that they have no plans of targeting men with their cause efforts. Here’s your opportunity to bolster you marketing effort.

Social media plays a role as 42% of respondents claim social media has impacted their involvement with charities.

The survey results show what causes are men most likely to support:

  • 20% children or education
  • 18% health
  • 12% poverty
  • 11% animal welfare

The respondents of the survey. Consumer: The survey polled 536 men. The median age of respondents was 36.6. Of the respondents, 79% were Caucasian, 6% were black, 6% were Hispanic, 4% were Asian, 1% were other, and 4% preferred not to answer. The median annual household income for respondents was $63.5K.

Corporate: The survey’s 79 respondents included the following titles: VP of PR/comms (11%); CMO (6%); VP of marketing (6%); SVP of marketing (4%); VP of CSR/cause marketing/corporate citizenship (4%); EVP of marketing (1%); SVP of PR/comms (1%); PR/comms manager (14%); marketing director (9%); director of CSR/cause marketing/corporate citizenship (8%); marketing manager (6%); director of PR/comms (3%); brand manager (3%); other (24%).

Here’s direct link to the PDF file.

Image credit: Neal Fowler

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