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Best Tools for Managing Social Media Content

Looking at the way the Internet has been shaping the world around us, there is no doubt that it has changed the marketing game. Becoming a staple in business, there has been a huge jump in using Facebook ads, Twitter links, fan pages, blogs and viral content to advertise. Not only has this had major implications for large corporations, but for small businesses that are predominantly online, and even local features in communities.


With this being the case, social media is one method of marketing you cannot afford not to utilize, especially given its low cost ability to be far reaching to potential customers all over the world. Not to mention how easy it becomes to gain new markets just through current fans sharing your content to their family and friends.

But you can make it even easier to accomplish, using these excellent social media tools to get the most out of your experience.


hootsuite social media dashboard

Arguably one of the most popular social media tools on the web, this offering from application powerhouse Invoke Media works by connecting all of your social media, including profiles and RSS feeds, into one convenient place on your desktop. It then provides an analysis tool that is applied to each in real time.

They have mobile applications, too, that give you the same benefits no matter where you are. They boast such clients as The Onion and Time Magazine, and even The White House uses their program to monitor social media activity.

There is a free basic account that allows you to link up to five social media profiles and two RSS feeds. But for only $5.99 per month you can get their unlimited service, which might be a benefit for larger businesses or social marketers.


dlvr.it social media tool

This blog feeder from Pheebo is an excellent little tool that makes it easy to deliver customized content to each social media profile. For example, you can post a link with a long title to your Tumblr or Facebook account, and then provide the same content on a smaller scale for 140 character-based Twitter.

It also works as a post schedule system, which is convenient. It can get tiring having to use a separate website for creating scheduled posts, especially since most don’t allow you to do more than two or three at a time. With Dlvr.it, you can post not only multiple comments for different times, but for different websites.

But best of all, it is completely free. You can’t beat that.


postling social media tool

Another well known and popular application by the same guys who brought you the handmade shop site Etsy, this is a social media dashboard that collect all of your accounts into one easy place. Not only can you post to sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but you can write and post blog content on your WordPress from the same place, then provide links anywhere you need them.

In addition to these benefits, you can get a daily social activity report on all accounts in your email, and it has a live update service that monitors reviews and comments about yourself or your business.

The downside is that the free version is very basic, without the analytics tool. You have two options for paid services: either the Plus at $9 per month, or the Premium at $49 per month.


Of course, these are only a few of many social media tools. But they are some of the most popular, and some of the best around. If you have been looking for a way to better monitor your social media and make it work for you, this is your chance.

What are some tools that you use? Let us know in the comments.

Olivia Sherwood is a social media enthusiast and creative writer for PsPrint, an online printing company. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Image Credit: Gaurav Mishra.

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