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Often you come across the amazing travel snaps of your friends and colleagues. Seeing enchanting places in their explicit beauty, you wish to experience the same. Now, only if you had the resources, budget, and time.

If you are a small business owner, this is a similar experience you go through. You view the extreme success that a big company gets and feel jealous. Being a small business, this mammoth success may be out of your reach. But it isn’t.

Most startups suffer from this delusion. They assume that the strategies employed by large companies will never work for them. What they don’t realize is that each step employed will give results. You only have to tweak them to meet your specific needs.

Major Social Media Tactics

Let’s check out the social media strategies which famous brands use.

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1. Social Customer Care

Any person stranded at the airport or lost luggage knows these are frustrating situations. In such frustrating situations, information is powerful.

Southwest Airlines is one of the most loved airlines in the world. It gives huge importance to social media customer service as it is the key element of the business model.

southwest airlines social media growth tactics

Southwest Airlines
With their social media tools, they interact with their employees, customers, fans, and media. Plus, they give information to customers and individuals throughout crisis and weather events. This ensures their customers get answers to their questions.

Most of the small business might not have the required resources like large brands. But they can still incorporate social customer care in their strategies. Various tools like Hootsuite sets up a stream.

2. Brand Advocacy

Many firms put in a lot of effort to reach the general public and customers. But, CA Technologies followed another approach. This independent software firm believes the best advocates of your business are your employees.

Keeping in mind this recognition, the firm designed the SocialU. SocialU is a training and enablement program. It makes employees active on social media. Through this program, their employees became carriers of their brand message and voice, thereby advocating on behalf of CA Technologies.

The following are some of the major steps you can use for branding –

  • Design social media guidelines and get it communicated to all participants
  • Ensure the workplace culture is a priority
  • Make an employee advocacy mission

These strategies will give you the required results. Yet, you must ensure that the strategies are easy to follow and less burden on your budget. Employing expensive strategies can bring success. But still, there is a risk on how long it will take to get the required results.

SocialU social media growth tactics

Brand Advocacy Through SocialU

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3. Social Awareness Video

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola tapped into the popularity of social media. It gained a huge success through it. Coca-Cola created a global campaign video for combating the prejudice against personal appearance. They posted it on various social channels. It showed people’s reaction to color and appearance.

In the campaign, Coca-Cola invited selected individuals to an Iftar party. They had different physical feature, and their experience got recorded. When the lights were off, the participants spoke with each other and answered questions. But when the lights came on, they got surprised. The video ended with a caption “Labels are for cans, not for people.”

No doubt, this was a great marketing gimmick by Coca-Cola. It helped in renewing its brand and created awareness among people. Such marketing strategies prove how much a brand cares about improving the society and the soft drink giant nailed it.

The video depicted the required emotion to the audiences. It got more than 18 million views on YouTube, $30 million in the ad, and a great amount of PR value from the media exposure.

The social video and YouTube is what most businesses can use. Some might use huge professional cameras and equipment, but not all can afford that. You can use various short footage of your smartphone to create a full-length video. This will bring in a lot of value for your marketing campaign.

4. User-Created Content

Do you know what is the toughest challenge faced by social media marketers? It is the constant pressure to create unique and brand new content that audiences are going to like.

The New Yorker which has more than 13.3 million followers knew what audiences need.

NewYorker campaign social media growth tactics

NewYorker Campaign And Views Of Readers
They aimed to expand their brand’s goal and organic reach through #myTNY and dedicated campaigns. They decided to add the voice of their readers on social media channels. New Yorker was able to create various discussions through dedicated campaigns.

Here, users control on what kind of content they like and want to read. It relieves the pressure that most magazine writers and content editors go through. Since audiences contribute contents; it gets more coverage and liking.

Most audiences or followers will have articles dealing with current scenarios. In such case, there will be more readers and awareness of the particular issue.

The reason why many businesses never get good customers is they forget about the customers. They never take into account what customers want, and that customer is the king. Not focusing on the buyer persona is why most businesses fail.

5. Using Influencers

Kim Kardashian credits the LED-light infused mobile phone case, LuMee for her glowing skin. Various fans of her flocked to buy this product. Having an influencer is a great thing for content marketers.

kim kardashian social media growth tactics

Whether you are a small or large business, influencers can be a great game changer. They can create the required brand image as well as demand for your products and services. Plus, you can know where the target audiences are and how to attract them.

The first step is creating a long-lasting, and valuable influencer relationship. It has to define the social media influencer. You can do this through reach, relevance, and resonance. The next step is to search for social media influencer using many tools like Klout.com. With it, you can interact with the social media influencer.

influencers types social media growth tactics

Types of Influencers

6. Cross Promotion

At first, Comedy Central was a television series which started on the web. When it became famous, each episode got shared on Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. It partnered with various press outlets like E! Online, Entertainment Weekly, Refinery 29, and more.

comedy central social media growth tactics

Hack Into Broadway Campaign
For small businesses, sharing contents across many social media and web platform is great. It is something which can create an online presence. Plus, it gives more outreach and can target to a wider range of audiences.

With the increase in popularity, the audience can engage in the much anticipated seasons. For this, they created the ‘Hack Into Broad’ campaign.

hack into broad social media growth tactics

Hack Into Broadway Stars


The acclaimed international campaigns of large companies can overwhelm a smaller business. Many marketers feel that such campaigns are something that is hard to achieve. But that is wrong. Small businesses can follow them if they do it properly.

All they need is to choose a good strategy and get it going. Initially, they might not get the desired results. But after continuous application, they can easily see the results.

So, if you are a small business owner, then check out more of these strategies. Not only they are great, but you can find success and earn brand recognition. Many firms forget to realize the importance of brand and how it can affect the market.

Social Media Marketing 2019, PPC on 10+ Platforms.

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