Social Media Marketing For Owner Managed Business – You Don’t Have To Do It All

Social Media Marketing For Owner Managed Business - You Don't Have To Do It AllYou need to view your online marketing in terms of business as well as the fiscal sense considering it can be remarkably cheap when compared with traditional marketing costs.  The only out of pocket expenses for any business deciding on a social media marketing campaign is man hours spent. That is the crux of the issue surrounding utilizing social media marketing – time.  Unlike some traditional marketing campaigns available to small businesses like print ads or radio spots, social media marketing requires an impressive amount of time on the part of the business to be efficient.

Time is not the only thing it requires, though.  There are several other tips for small businesses wanting to venture into the world of social media marketing.  First off, small businesses more so than anyone, should find ways to work smarter, not harder.  In regards to social media marketing this includes utilizing programs that will post to several social media sites at once like  The downside to using such a program is that the language has to be vague enough to fit into any social media website.

Another way to work smarter while delving into the world of social media marketing is to commit a little bit of time every day rather than a large chunk of time once a week.  One of the keys to a successful social media marketing plan is frequent updates.  To capture and keep an audience a small business must have a constant and diligent presence on any social media site they utilize.

Professional Social Media Marketing Leads The Way

Social Media Marketing For Owner Managed Business - You Don't Have To Do It All

Which leads directly into another tip – don’t overextend oneself.  Small businesses should start with one social media website, really get the hang for it, develop a good base of customers and target customers before moving to the next site.  Doing a so-so job on several social media sites is not better than a great job on one site.  As far as which site to focus on; that depends on a business’s core audience.  For a social media marketing campaign to work, a business should go where the people are.  For some that will be Twitter, for others Facebook.  The top four visited social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube so focus should be on those although Google+ is growing in popularity.

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Owner Managed Business - You Don't Have To Do It AllIt is even possible for a small owner-managed business to hire a company specializing in online brand promotion to do the leg work and this is always recommended. Social media requires technical, marketing and business skills that a small business owner may not possess.

Social media marketing works.  It costs time and a little money but reaps immediate rewards making it ideal for small businesses lacking the funds for a massive marketing plan.  By starting off slow, one one site at a time and knowing one’s customers any small business can take their business to the next level.  Social media itself is very young and no one can predict where this exciting new trend will lead.


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