Social Media Predictions For 2012

Social media and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and now the recent addition of Pinterest are a social phenomenon and have totally sculpted the way in which we communicate and share information. In this informative article we look at the prominent social media predictions for 2012. Social media statistics for 2011 were spot on so it will be interesting to see if these predictions will form as foreseen.

1. The surge and importance of mobile phone social media

There is a surge of mobile use for social media usage and nearly everyone in the United Sates and the UK will have access to a mobile that is able to connect to the internet or a smartphone. The introduction of smartphones has been one of the most important things to happen to social media and more social media sites are likely to develop mobile phone friendly sites for better viewing and facilitation. Another occurrence and social media prediction that was already in the pipe lines in 2011 will be further specialized mobile networks.

2. Branding and marketing to further utilize Twitter

Although the introduction of Twitter’s new brand pages will appeal to certain businesses, it is not going to be life changing. What will have a large impact and what is foreseen in social media predictions, is the business friendly and related features. Twitter is a platform that proves incredibly efficient in branding a particular business. Businesses are able to communicate certain messages through their consumers and fans. The creation of advertising and marketing campaigns utilizing Twitter is not difficult and the general consensus surrounding social media predictions, that were very similar to ones from 2011, is more brands will doing this.

3. The importance of social media in the 2012 US presidential election

Who would have thought that something as important as the US precedential elections could have certain perditions associated with it regarding social media? Different political campaign groups need to see the value in social networking and in social media predictions; we will see a surge in the utilization of this means of communication and social infrastructure.

4. Google+ needed to rise to the occasion

In other social media predictions relating to Google, Google+ has many favorable features in this system but does not come close to the other offerings from other social media giants. Google will not entirely shut down Google+ after their previous mistakes but will rather combine Google+ with other features offered by Google.


Jemma Scott has an avid interest for social media and the trends and predictions associated with them. She has utilized many virtual hosting solutions whilst her research.

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