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This weekend I spent some time to find white paper and reports on social media marketing to get get more insights. These materials help you to lay a foundation to your social media marketing strategy. Here they are. Enjoy…

white-paper-B2B-Goes-SocialB2B Goes Social
Find out how B2B companies are utilizing social media marketing relative to their B2C peers in the areas of social participation, social marketing staffing, executive support and success measurement. This proprietary report based on a survey of 104 marketers across a range of businesses shares challenges and opportunities ahead.

Transform Your Marketing
The Internet has fundamentally transformed the way people discover, share, connect and shop. It’s time for marketers to transform the way they raise awareness and generate leads as well. Enjoy this eye-opening look at how search engines, social media, and mobile technology are transforming our lives—and how companies can embrace and utilize these tools to transform costly, low-yield marketing programs into finely-tuned lead-generation machines.

white-paper-Facebook-Best-PracticesFacebook Best Practices: Building Your Brand & Your Community
With more than 500 million active users, Facebook can be an extremely effective channel for engaging customers around your brand. However, before you rush out to build a fan page, you need to first understand Facebook best practices, such as the best way to interact with users based on conversations about your brand that are already happening on the social web. PDF file.

white-paper-Roadmap-for-Social-MediaA Roadmap for Social Media – Starter Guide
How to start building your social impact – where to begin and what to measure in terms of success. A Social Media Roadmap is a valuable resource that every beginner needs to have when following the path of social interaction. Why should you care about social media? How will it improve your business’ reputation? Learn more about making sense of the noise, achieving ROI with social media and steps to take when building your own social footprint.

white-paper-Social-Media-OptimizationSocial Media Optimization
Is It The New SEO? and How It Can Help Your Business Thrive In The Social Media Ecosystem. Social Media Optimization – designing your content so that it’s easy to share and find on social sites – is becoming an increasingly important tactic in the social media marketing arsenal of businesses. In this White Paper we examine what exactly Social Media Optimization is and how it’s different than SEO. We then explore the 16 Rules of Social Media Optimization – best practices to make implementation easier – showcase how some companies have actually implemented Social Media Optimization and give you some useful Tips & Recommendations so you can kick-start Social Media Optimization for your business immediately…

white-paper-Social-Media-Marketing-at-the-Largest-Brands-in-the-WorldSocial Media Marketing at the Largest Brands in the World
In this report, we have documented the social media campaigns of some of the largest brands in the world. The most used tools were as expected: Blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube. Although many of the brands use other tools too, the above five are by far the most prevalent in the SMM landscape so they form the focus of this report.

white-paper-Customer-Intelligence-from-Social-MediaActing on Customer Intelligence from Social Media The new edge for building customer loyalty and your brand. Although relatively new on the scene, social media has become a powerful force – growing fast in scope, audience and influence. This paper shares insights from a June 2010 webinar in the AMA Marketing Effectiveness Online Seminar Series, presented in association with the American Marketing Association and SAS, in which panelists discussed how to engage customers on social media to heighten brand awareness, spread your message, drive traffic to your website, and boost search engine rankings, awareness and affinity.

white-paper-analytical-framework-for-marketingBuilding an analytical framework for marketing
Everybody’s talking about customer analytics and how they can help organizations market more effectively. But for many marketing professionals today, there’s a gap between theory and execution. This paper provides managers and other marketing professionals an introduction to applying analytics to marketing to significantly improve outcomes. It explains not only why you need to make this shift to analytically driven marketing strategies and plans, but also how you get started and what kinds of tools you need to develop and execute plans.

white-paper-social-media-metricsSocial Media Metrics (PDF)
Listening, Understanding and Predicting the Impacts of Social Media on Your Business. There’s a wealth of customer and business insight to be found in social media, but organizations are struggling to understand, measure and capitalize on this untamed, open forum. Savvy marketers are reading and responding to social media content, but few organizations consolidate and analyze it in a systematic and strategic way. Effective social media measurement is the leading topic in marketing right now, and rightly so. That was the topic of a workshop conducted by SAS and a leading measurement and accountability research consultancy at the May 2010 eMetrics conference in San Jose, CA. This paper provides a summary of that workshop.

white-paper-text-analytics-for-social-mediaText analytics for social media
Text analytics strive to derive meaning from the written word. This is massively complex because human communication is so context dependent. Understanding a simple phrase like, “He saw the boy with the telescope,” is tricky. Did he see the boy through the telescope or carrying the telescope? Download this white paper for a brief description of the underlying technologies from a marketer’s perspective, a quick review of what they do, how they’re now being used in marketing and how they might be used tomorrow.

panel-business-value-of-social-mediaThe business value of social media (Video Panel)
Social media experts Charlene Li, Chris Brogan and David Meerman Scott share best practices and real-world examples from organizations like Citibank, Dell and the US Air Force. At The Premier Business Leadership Series 2010 in Las Vegas, social media hit the mainstream: Not only were there thousands of tweets about the executive conference sponsored by SAS, but the event’s social media panel was blogged, tweeted and streamed live. Web viewers used Twitter for a Q&A with panelists, while in-person attendees told stories about their own Twitter use and asked thought-provoking questions about the business value of social media.

White paper social media emailExtending Email to Social Networks
By now, almost all of us are using at least one social networking or blogging site on a daily basis, either as a contributor or consumer of content, sometimes both. For marketers, this presents an opportunity to have your current subscribers evangelize your message to their networks of friends, family, and co-workers. As a large portion of your subscriber list will more than likely belong to one of these sites you can provide an easyto-use mechanism in your email campaigns to allow your readers to help share your content with a broader audience

white-paper-Twitter-Statistics-2010Twitter Statistics for 2010
An in-depth report at Twitter´s Growth 2010, compared with 2009. In keeping with our efforts to offer insight to the fast-growing TwitterSphere, we decided it was time to see exactly how many details Twitter users are divulging. To put together our report, we examined over a billion tweets and compared to our 2009 study.

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