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B2B Social Media Marketing InfographicThe State of B2B Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]. B2B marketers are increasingly using social media to connect with their customers, but oftentimes they are not using those tools effectively. For a deeper look at the current state of B2B social media marketing, check out the infographic.

Facebook’s Gmail killer coming on Monday. Facebook is having a press event on Monday and the speculation is that the they will unveil its “Gmail killer”.

How Social Media Has Changed the Workplace [Study]. Employees estimate that they spend spend about 4 hours a day (half a workday) managing multiple “inboxes.” More than one hour is spent on social media a day with Gen Y spending the most time (1.8 hours). More than 80% of Gen Y respondents check Facebook regularly making this the most used social media platform for this group.

Content Strategy and the Dying Art of Execution. Not having a content strategy is like playing baseball without the bases (envision people running everywhere…not a pretty site). That said, I’ve seen a multitude of content strategies die for the following reasons.

Why Companies Need to F-R-E-E Their Case Studies. In just one week, the company reported that downloads of its case studies were three times higher than the previous four months combined! Clearly, people had not viewed the stories before because they simply didn’t want to take the time to register or felt frustrated with having to provide their contact information.

Which Boomers Are Using Social Media the Most?. Pew Internet’s most recent study showed that use of networking sites in the 50-plus demographic grew 88% between 2009 and 2010 to 47%. Use among those 65-plus doubled to 26%, making them the fastest growing segment.

Social Media Marketing Tips: The Coupon Is Still King. A recent survey from social media marketing agency Cone shows that deals and incentives are undoubtedly the top reason customers are willing to keep up with a brand through new media. Consumers also want companies to solve their problems and get their feedback.

How to Keep Fan Loyalty for Your Brand in Social Media

  • Offer me incentives (i.e. free products or services, coupons) 77%
  • Solve my problems (i.e. customer service) 44%
  • Solicit my feedback on products or services 39%
  • Entertain me (provide access to premium content) 28%
  • Develop new ways to interact with brand 26%
  • Market to me (i.e. banner ads) 21%

Survey of Marketing Executives’ Priorities. According to the results of the study, marketing executives are under pressure to focus on identifying new avenues of growth.

  • Identify new, adjacent market strategies
  • Identify new opportunities for existing products
  • Measure marketing spending efficiency and effectiveness
  • Prioritize content offerings to create maximum value with customers (ex: social media, white papers, benchmarking tools, etc.)
  • Improve sales and marketing integration

Social Media Marketing 2019, PPC on 10+ Platforms.

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