Social Media Weekend: PR Strategy for Search & Social, Facebook Growing Old

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Facebook getting olderOptimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search & Social, Part 2: Goals of Online PR. I started this series looking at the differences between print readers and web readers. This is critical to understand before moving forward with your online public relations material. We cannot expect to reach online readers the same way we reach those that are offline. We can’t just do the old-world methods in a new-world medium. The differences between the two readers is vast, and, without that understanding, there will be no way to hit the goals you are trying to achieve.

Is Facebook Going Gray? My husband just told me that the generation gap between him and our teen son, is less than it was between him and his father when he was a teen. I thought he was nuts, but then I saw this report from eMarketer that shows a significant rise in Facebook engagement with folks over 55. Could Facebook be the great equalizer of all folks from 18 to 80?

Think Before You Share: UK Warns About Personal Security Online. The UK Ministry of Defense has launched a new online video campaign to educate social media users about personal security online and the dangers of sharing too much.

More evidence of Net’s effect on the brain. A new study provides evidence that heavy internet use by the young results in “brain structural alterations” of a kind associated with “impairment of cognitive control.” The study, published this month in PLoS ONE, was conducted in China, where approximately 14 percent of urban youths – some 24 million kids – are believed to suffer from so-called “internet addiction disorder.”

The Pending Implosion Of Daily Deal Sites. Be careful if you’re thinking that you can replicate the success of Groupon. While Groupon sets its IPO (more on that here: Groupon IPO: It’s Here!), not a day passes without a new (or existing) company trying to replicate the model of offering a daily deal from a local merchant at a radically reduced discount. It’s getting a little crazy out there.

Unraveling Facebook Open Graph – Part 2. In my last post, we talked about image tags, description tags, and making sure the right main link is displayed while shared. Next we’ll go over a few more tags (books and location) as well as check back into the comments to answer some questions here.

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