Social Media Weekend: Social EQ, Social Strategist, Mobile Commerce

Technology M&A in 2019

Social EQ. Advanced statistical analyses of extensive qualitative and quantitative research among Social Informants allowed APCO and The Huffington Post to identify the six distinct factors of successful social media campaigns.

Report: Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist: Be Proactive or Become Social Media Help Desk by Jeremiah Owyang. Social Strategists are plagued with a variety of challenges. We uncovered six: 1) Resistance from internal culture, 2) Measuring ROI, 3) Lack of resources, 4) An ever-changing technology space, 5) Resentment and envy of the role, and 6) A looming increase in business demands.


Got Facebook? Investigating What’s Social About Social Media. some of the key findings in regards to the social, cultural, and political activities that young, college-educated Facebook users engage in; the individuals and communities they interact with; and the types of media and information they share and consume within the social network site. The executive summary PDF.

Mobile Commerce and Social Media Commerce to greatly impact holiday shopping season. IDC Retail Insights today announced the results of a new survey revealing that mobile shopping “warriors” (hyper-connected individuals) and mobile shopping “warrior wannabies” (moderately connected individuals) will account for 28% or $127 billion of the $447 billion the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts U.S. consumers will spend this holiday season.

2011: The Year of Facebook: Top Priorities for Search Marketers… Social Media. SEO Top Priorities for Advertisers in 2011. SEO/Social Media Program Integration (36%). Link-Building Programs (30%) .Improving the Content Management Process (16%). Automation of SEO Programs (14%).

Half of SMBs Block Access to Facebook, Social Network Sites. Strikingly, the main concern does not appear to be due to loss of productivity – though it is a factor – but has more to do with how unrestricted access to social networking sites results in heightened risks of data leakage or instance of malware infection.

Social media increases in importance for SMBs. Small businesses plan to commit more marketing dollars to social media next year, and more now consider the likes of Facebook and Twitter to be important marketing tools. However, most intend to pair-up social media with existing marketing activity to boost reach.

Social Media Marketing 2019, PPC on 10+ Platforms.

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