Social Media Weekend: Social Media Case Studies

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Social Media case studiesThis weekend I’m looking at a collection of case studies that you can use to boost your own efforts in these areas.

How Best Buy Energized 170,000 Employees With Social Media. Best Buy’s challenge with this size company is not only to communicate externally with customers but also to listen, interact and empower the passion and expertise that is within the company.

5 Reasons Cisco Rocks at B2B Social Media Marketing. Marketers can learn from Cisco as a real-time case-study on how B2B companies can use social media to deliver value to their audience, and find value in return from nurturing a thriving community.

Social media case studies from the U.S. Army, BMW, Thomson Reuters, and 11 more. These case studies were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List.

Private Community Generates 680% Sales Conversion Increase. As CareOne continued to expand their online community, their social media team came up against that very important question: how do we prove our social media efforts are translating into real business results?

Army Social Media Handbook 2011. Using social media to spread information is becoming the standard. More and more units are using social media to communicate, so it’s more important that ever to understand the risks associated with using the various platforms.

White Paper & Video Series from PR Newswire Educates Organizations on How to Identify and Influence “Social Echo”. Utilizing case studies from recognized brands such as Unisys and Windstar Cruises, this series will provide practical information that can immediately be tailored to any organization.

The G4S Social Recruiting Case Study. The project comprised launching and implementing a global first, which was to integrate multiple applicant tracking technologies into a single unified Global Career Centre which also offered community functionality, intelligent search and matching tools, job seeker resources and content aggregation across a broad range of social media channels.

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2 Responses

  1. Priit Kallas says:

    Than you for your comment, Morris. I’ll keep that in mind.

    One important thing in my view is that in social media marketing it is not as important how big your company is but to how many people you are talking to.

    Think about how you communicate with your friends and try to bring that to social media.

  2. Morris Sneor says:

    Love your site and really enjoyed reading through “Social Media Weekend: Social Media Case Studies”. Should you do a part two, would you consider concentrating on case studies on small businesses (under 20 employees)? Of the 14 million businesses in the US, over 80% have less than 20 employees. Although many of the points made from case studies of larger companies are transferable, there are dynamics smaller companies need to contend with that are not found as frequently with larger companies (i.e. dedicated man power, level of expertise, company name recognition, etc.). Many thanks.

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