Social Networks Will Be The Starting Point

social chatter and noiseTV series and news capture us as we want to have some continuity and consume some familiar stuff every day. This is not new. But in the old media the content, however interesting, was not about us.

Social media is taking the next step. Our friends life feeds contain news and drama that is relevant to us. Familiar, friendly and constantly changing this river of status updates glues us to the social networking sites. What’s more, we can interact and become a part of changing stream and that binds us even stronger.

But what about important things like business, brands, marketing, etc. Well, that is not what people are looking for in the social networking sites. Most of the activity in these sites, most of the social chatter, is just that chatter. Nothing important, just people connecting. It is the background noise of human society. This chatter has been going on forever but only now we are starting to record it. The noise will get even louder as more and more people join in. Additionally we are starting to capture even more of our daily activities until at some point we will be recording our lives nonstop 24 hours a day.

Understanding the social chatter will help companies to see that they have no control. But this will also help the more sensitive ones to find ways how to direct the streams of this force and make it work for them.

So, for the foreseeable future, the sites that help us to connect and get a daily fix of social interaction will be like a pot of honey for us.

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