Stay Tuned: Twitter Rolling Out a Complete Overhaul

two birds tweetingWith the competition between social networking sites at a heightened level, it’s only normal that Twitter chooses to up their game and stake their claim. I think it’s inevitable that you have to progress as the time goes by and roll out with new features that will add extra value to your product. And that’s exactly what Twitter is doing – the little tweeting bird might be finally showing signs of flying abilities. It all started with the new tweet buttons yesterday and the new interface will be gradually rolled out in the coming few weeks.

For a brief overview it’s best to see this video by Twitter:

So, what’s new?

  • Completely redesigned profiles. For example, you can see all of the pictures an user has shared as a neat looking gallery view!
  • A new and improved home screen. You will be able to choose the users from whom you’d like to feature tweets from. No more rubbish tweets spamming up your home screen. Yaaay!
  • Interests – you can now pick the topics you’re interested in and find others who are similar to you. Oh, and you can browse them of course.
  • Connect – makes it easier for the user to spot @mentions. If I had a dollar for each @mention I failed to notice…
  • #Discover – find relevant content through hashtags. You will no longer see all of the tweets featuring the hashtag, only those that are relevant to you based on your interests, location, language and the users you follow. #Discover really reminds me of Facebook’s EdgeRank.
  • Trends based on your current location, language, etc.
  • Brand pages (and organization pages it seems, not sure if they will differ) with better design. For some visual examples, check out this post by TechCrunch!
  • Better “who to follow” recommendations
  • Activity – find out what your peers are doing. You will get more in-depth information about what your connections are doing.
  • Better interface – the new header menu will stay with you no matter where you are on Twitter. No more going back to your home screen / profile to tweet something new
  • Direct messages will now be displayed on a pop-up screen
  • And of course, new mobile applications to go with it all.

For more information go here.

What are your thoughts regarding this major overhaul?

Mart Prööm

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  1. Greg Standen says:

    Looks to me like the new lay out is going to be something similar to the old myspace. Considering it’s fate of recent times, not sure this is a good move by twitter.

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