Taking Your Business to the Yet Another Level With Google+

google-plus-featuresGoogle Plus had a slow start, but has recently surpassed Twitter as the second most popular social media platform, as reported at Marketing Land. Of course, it has yet to topple the monstrous Facebook. But with a total of 25% of active Internet users who use Google Plus at least once a month, the service is gaining major traction. Still, this is a far cry from Facebook’s 51% usage rate.

Regardless, marketers are best advised to pay major attention to this growing phenomenon. One of the major reasons for Google Plus’ growth is the backing of Google. Any account made on YouTube is now simultaneously a Google and Google Plus account. The addition of Google Plus to the collective is a recent change as of February 2013, but Google has owned and merged with YouTube since 2009. Google Plus is not a resource to skip. Below, we highlight a few of the major tips in marketing your business using this ‘slow and steady’ resource.

Google Plus Hangouts

Close interaction and transparency is incredibly efficient in business. The latest addition to the Google Plus repertoire is Google Hangouts. It allows account holders to virtually display a video to their respective followers. Two distinct options include On Air and Schedule. On Air is a live conference that allows users to stream a video immediately and for free. Schedule means that users can schedule an air date for a previously recorded video–and schedule it numerous times, as detailed on the official Google Hangout page.

Hangout allows for a maximum of 8 people to have streaming rights, and an unlimited number of viewers, details the Cam Foundation. The resource goes on to recall the 30 minute live seminar by Steven Spielberg in 2012, where he took questions from users and chatted live. This was arguably the turning point of turning Google Hangout into a legitimate strategy.

Free Things Galore: Giveaways, Contests and General Interaction

The extension of Google Hangout allows for accessibility like never before. Entrepeneur.com reports that one of the most efficient ways to interact with customers is through their wallet. Offer giveaways and contests to encourage increased viewership and interactivity. A live giveaway is effective in establishing that clear connection, and it brings traffic direct to the Google Plus page. It may be slow in the beginning, but word-of-mouth and credibility will work in your favor if giveaways are consistent and worth a potential customer’s time commitment.

The Google Connection: SEO Effectiveness

SEO is all about high rankings in Google. It is not hard to imagine that Google will pleasantly reward businesses that employ Google Plus with their activity. These rewards will certainly come in the form of higher SEO rankings in favor of using their service. Search Metrics details that Google Plus has a higher impact in SEO rankings compared to Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus will overtake Facebook by early 2016 in every area of social exposure, and not just in SEO rankings.

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  1. Digital Media Agency says:

    Fantastic Article, Our Google+ account always seems to be lagging behind in terms of follows. Not sure if its our target audience but reading through this I’m sure it will help!

  2. reach me faster says:

    google plus hangouts is a great tool for businesses. You can use this tool to share documents, record sessions during conference, broadcast live chat with your clients and customers.

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