The 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review

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US online spending 2010comScore released an overview of internet statistics of 2010. Optimism seems to be the keyword of the 2010. Economy starts to move up and spending grows. U.S. e-commerce spending reached $227 billion in 2010 that’s 9 percent higher than the year before. Of that travel e-commerce grew 6 percent to $85 billion and other retail e-commerce grew10 percent to $142 billion.

2010 was the year of the group buying sites like Groupon. attracted 10.7 million unique visitors in December, up 712 percent versus year ago and other sources put that number as high as 15.6 million uniques.

Email is dying

The web-based email usage declined 8 percent. But the largest decline occurred among 12-17 year olds, a whopping 59 percent. The second largest drop was in 25-34 age group with 18 percent. As we have ointed out in our posts, the communication habbits are changing and new generation will replace email with new technologies. Read more: Social Media Replaces Email and IM and Facebook Replaces Email and Phone?

US email usage 2010

Social networking

2010 was the year of Facebook. While Google and Yahoo still get more visitors to their web properties, Facebook commands 12.3 percent of the time spent online in US. Global usage of social networking is even higher accounting for 15.6 percent of time among people aged 15 and older.

US time online 2010

Our view is that these number will go even higher as social networking sites get more sophisticated and integrated into other web sites. Internet users will get more news from social networks and communication moves away from email and regular IM clients. Skype/Facebook partnership could give us something interesting.

Shockingly, women spend more time on social networking sites than men (16.8 vs 12.0 percent of total online time). Who would have thought that women communicate more than men. This also reflects in the userbase, 56% are women and 44% men.

US Facebook male female ratio

Facebook grows in every way you can measure:

US Facebook Usage 2010


Again Facebook is in the lead among display publishers. In 2010 Facebook was the first site to deliver more than 1 trillion ads. Other sites lagged way behind, Yahoo being second with 529 billion display ads.

US display ads 2010

Video is up

The number of people watching video every day grew by 32 percent to 88.6 million. Average person in US spent more than 14 hour a month watching online video. That’s 12 persent more than a year ago.

US online video usage 2010

Mobile is growing

More than a quarter (27%) of US mobile subscribers have a smartphone. Almost half (47%) of the people used browsers, applications and downloaded content on their phones.

US mobile activities 2010

On the mobile OS market Google Android is probably going to overtake RIM as the dominant player.

US mobile OS 2010

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