The Best Free Twitter Tools

Twitter now has over 200 million users, making it the second largest social platform on the web and there a number of tools and websites out there that help you get the most of the service. Facebook is fairly self-contained and you don’t have a big choice about things you can use to analyse how you’re doing, and other fun services to interact with. This is where Twitter comes in good, as the platform is flexible and extremely powerful. Here are 5 great Twitter tools you can find online for free:



Peer Index

Peer Index allows you to ‘understand your social capital’. You can simply enter your username and get a score up to 100 based on your influence. It looks at 3 dimensions; frequency of post, audience size and authority and knowledge around a range of subjects. There are also some cool graphs about how you use the site, and you can add your friends to compare your results.


TweetDeck is a social management platform where you can add your accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and multiple Twitter accounts. This allows you to monitor several feeds at once, and you can post tweets to any number of your accounts simultaneously. In addition, you can search specific hash tag results to monitor what is being said around a particular topic. Another great feature is the ability to schedule tweets when you’re away from the keyboard. Tweetdeck has recently been bought by Twitter making it a safe bet for your Twitter management. is a URL shortener that has been optimised for Twitter. There are a lot of URL shorteners out there, but none offer the same friendly and easy service as The site has a simple layout so it’s really easy to shorten your links. There’s also a button that takes the link straight into Twitter and pulls the page title from the link you have shortened. This means all the work is done for you and you can simply post a story to your followers in just 3 clicks.


Followerwonk is a great tool for searching through Twitter users bios. For example if you are interested in following people who are interested in Human Rights, then you can search for this term and have a list of people who mention it in their bio. There’s the option to add them from the list here, so it’s an easy way to follow people who have similar interests to you. offers advanced list management to people who want to look into people’s group lists to find like-minded followers. It’s an advanced tool and takes a little time to get used to but the results can be great. The results are demonstrated as infographics and you can analyse people’s behaviour. It’s good for marketers who want to follow people based on what they talk about.


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