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The Content Grid: Content Marketing in 3 Infographics

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content marketing content grid

The Content Grid: Content Marketing in 3 Infographics

Home / Content Marketing / The Content Grid: Content Marketing in 3 Infographics
content marketing content grid
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When you are nurturing your leads, you will need content that helps your potential customer in different ways. In some cases, they may not even be leads yet, and you are just capturing attention and creating awareness of your brand.

content atomization social media bomb

Content grid takes a look at the three stages of the marketing funnel and matches those to the content types and prospect goals.

There’s another dimension to the grid. The color-coded distribution channels where to promote your specific type of content for maximum results.

You can find out more about content atomization here Content Atomization: How to Build a Social Media Bomb.

At the bottom of the infographic, you will see various content marketing KPIs that you should consider for that part of the sales funnel. When you are promoting your content in social media check out the large list of social media key performance indicators.

The grid starts at the top left with people who may not even know what they are looking for. They have a problem or need that that they don’t know needs solving. Take a smartphone for example. Before the first smartphones arrived, we didn’t know we needed them.

The content grid leans towards B2B content marketing. However, you can also use it for businesses targeting consumer segments.

Eloqua published great infographic on the content marketing The Content Grid version 2. It gives an easy to understand visual overview of content marketing and how content can be used in different stages of sales and lead generation.

Enjoy the Content Grid V2

The Content Marketing Grid

Content Marketing Planning Template

A simple Content Marketing Planning template that lets you to compare your current approach to future approach. From Smart Insights.

Content Marketing Planning Template

First, take a look at your existing content and find a way to use your most valuable content in content formats. Content atomization will let you create valuable material a lot faster than coming up with it from scratch.

Then map out your content capabilities. What content are you able to create. Are you stronger in writing or video or something else? You will get much better results when you base your content strategy on realistic assumptions.

The Content Promotion: The Distribution Matrix

This infographic helps marketers to review the effectiveness of paid, owned, and earned media. Promote or distribute your content to generate site visits, leads, or sales by comparing that to the level of effort. Types of media are plotted as an example business. These will vary by company type and sector. By

content distribution matrix smart insights

Map out what you are currently using and after that select new content promotion channels that you feel most comfortable adding to your present mix.

Make a plan how to use the new channels in the next few months and set a goal the will give you a positive ROI. Execute! Analyze after three to four months and decide if you want to continue.

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