The Goal of B2B Social Media Marketing

Help your prospects to shine in their organizations.

Help your prospects to shine in their organizations.

I was talking to a fellow social media enthusiast and he raised this point:

I have an issue with B2B in Social Media Marketing. Personally I don’t think it exists. Your diagram would apply to a business or personal brand using Social Media and B2C situations as well. The process is exactly the same.

In most part I agree with the above statement, people do business not companies. B2B social media might be even more people oriented than B2C. I don’t know the name of the person who sells me Coca-Cola or TV set, but I usually know the name of the people who provide our company with business products and services.

One important difference I see in B2B is that there might be more than one decision maker in the process. You need to give your “fan” enough firepower to convince the others int that organization. That’s where content/article marketing comes in. I would suggest that the goal of B2B marketer is to make the people on the other side “look good” for bringing great stuff on the table.

When we are making their lives easier and help our prospects to shine in their organizations then that is our brand value. Create valuable and helpful content, post it on your websites and blogs. Use social media to distribute content and engage in conversations.

This results in leads that convert to sales at a high rate. Well, that’s social media ROI!

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Priit Kallas

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