The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Timeline for Brand Pages

Social networking giant Facebook has announced that, by the end of March, all brand pages on the website will be converted to the controversial Timeline feature. If you’ve been left wondering what this means for your brand page, read on to learn about the new features and their pros and cons:


While the jury is still out on Timeline, it does boast a number of impressive features that can help transform your Facebook marketing strategy. The first of these changes is the cover photo feature. The cover photo, separate to your profile picture, acts as the page header and is the first thing your visitors will see.

This is your first chance to engage with your audience and the cover photo acts as a great branding opportunity for brands. As long as your image is in keeping with Facebook’s guidelines that state: no website addresses and contact information, promotions or calls to action can be included.

Another exciting new feature of Timeline is Milestones. This feature gives you the option to fill in all of your company history and important dates. This is a great marketing tool as it will help add a more ‘human’ edge to your brand, as well as showcasing your credibility.

Timeline also gives brand pages the chance to ‘pin’ key information to the top of the page. This is a great marketing tool as it lets you ‘pin’ your latest blog posts, promotional offers or free downloads to the top of your page for seven days. This will help drive targeted traffic to key areas of your website.


There are however, a number of features which have left marketers unsure about how successful Timeline will be. The biggest and most controversial change is the loss of the customised landing page.

Many brands have used numerous customised landing pages to offer discounts, encourage visitors to sign up to newsletters and even make a purchase through Facebook. All your customised pages will still feature on your brand page, and you will be able to direct traffic there via your social media buttons on your website.

However, your standard landing page will now always been the Timeline homepage. This is why, it is so important to make sure your cover photo, pinned posts and milestones are all present and attention-grabbing.

Another feature that has marketers questioning the implications of Timeline is the visible data. At present, only your page admin’s can see your recent likes, visitor reach and people ‘talking about’ your brand. This data is now readily available for your followers to view. Brands that are experiencing a bout of negative PR or backlash from fans could find this new feature rather unwelcomed.

Despite the initial hesitancy, Timeline for brand pages is set to be a valuable addition to any social media marketing strategy. The feature we will be rolled out to all brand pages by the end of March, so marketers have a few weeks yet to get to grips with all these changes.

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    Yep, it’s also showing the most popular city, age group and week to visitors. Still, we can see what tweaks they make in April once it’s gone live for everyone.

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