The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Social Media

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social media outsourcingAccording to a report by Social Media Examiner (April, 2011), 28% of the marketers outsource their social media management. This figure has doubled since 2010 when it was just 14%. This means that every 4th business you encounter is outsourcing their social media efforts. But what should you consider when outsourcing your social media activities? It’s clearly not something for everyone. I have compiled a list of all the pros and cons of outsourcing social media which hopefully makes your decisions a bit easier.


  • Knowledge. You’re handing it over to the professionals with a lot of experience and a ton of tricks and know-how to pull from their bag. Consider their porftolio and their own social media activities when deciding.
  • Time. If you’re not a professional, it’s almost always more time-consuming to handle your social media management yourself. This is simply because you might not be as efficient and well-practiced as those who have do it every day.
  • Tools. You might not know about all of the great tools that are out there which can help you with your social media management. The professionals do and they usually already have tons of previous experience with those tools.
  • Professional measurement. Social media professionals know how to analyze and measure the results and how to react based on that data.
  • Strategic thinking. Professionals are equipped with a lot of experience in social media strategy. Well, at least the good ones are. They know what to do and how to develop a social media strategy that would work with the goals of your company.


  • Money. Professional help might be costly. If the additional gain from these professionals isn’t justified by ROI, consider leaving the responsibility of social media management in-house.
  • Content. Although most of the time, professionals are more than capable of creating content for their clients, they might not be as knowledged in your field of expertise as you are. If that’s the case, maybe try hiring an expert or two to professionaly write about the desired topics.
  • Trust. Do you trust someone else to carry out your social media activities for you? This seems to be the main issue as many think that because they know their business better than anyone else, they should be in charge of social media activities. While this kind of thinking isn’t wrong, it isn’t exactly right either – you will have control over what strategic activities they come up with. If their vision of your company’s social media activities severely differs from your own, maybe you two aren’t a good match after all.

I personally believe that the pros outweigh the cons and you should trust social media professionals to do these activities for you. If you are reluctant to trust them, maybe it’s time to invest and build your own social media team consisting of professionals?

I would love to hear your opinion on this! Please add it in the comments!

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Mart Prööm

Hi there! I'm a young marketing enthusiast currently getting my bachelors degree in the awesome field that is marketing. I'm passionate about inbound marketing, social media, mobile marketing and my own personal hobbies such as football and volleyball.

10 Responses

  1. Curtis says:

    Really great article. I think for businesses, outsourcing your social media efforts is much like hiring a designer to create your logo. Sometimes your own talents hit a ceiling and it’s best to incorporate someone else’s specific set of skills.

    The Cons you listed are spot on. Trust is huge, but as far as content and cost, those have been two areas we’ve overcome. I own a small business and can’t afford a full time marketing person. We use a service called Ghost Post and pay $100 per month.

    We have a dedicated writer that either I’ll contact every day or two to provide with news. The results have been great so far, although I still find myself checking their work just to sure. For businesses, I say outsourcing your social media to a company that you can trust and stay in contact with is well worth the effort.

  2. Outsourcing says:

    Good Post!!! Yes, I agree with your points. But you have written disadvantages of outsourcing are not entirely accurate. Lot of companies that provide very good services in outsourcing. You should be careful to choose the company with better reputation.

    • Mart Prööm says:

      Thank you! Of course, you should be careful when choosing the outsourcing company – they need to have a solid reputation and a great porftolio to back that up.

    • Mayank says:

      Hey!!Outsourcing nice comment but you should add the topics which is helpful in search of good outsourcing organization.

  3. Shaleen Shah says:

    I like the pros and cons you presented here. As for your question, I think it’s totally fine to outsource your social media marketing campaign – BUT, you have to make sure that whoever you hire will have a thorough knowledge on how your business works, your brand message and what your goals are for the future. By sharing with them this passion in your niche, it will help them create the right message that will engage your target market in the long run.

    • Mart Prööm says:

      Thank you for posting, Shaleen! I agree with you completely. Before getting into bed with an agency, you should definitely see if they understand your business thoroughly and share the same passion.

  4. Web Marketing with Kate says:

    Looks like there are more pros than cons for outsourcing. Understandable. Most companies don’t have the staff who have the time to understand SEO. They only know that SEO will do their web marketing strategy good. And that’s ok. Some things you have to leave to the professionals.

  5. outsource management says:

    i agree..absolutely correct information..

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