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Unica’s survey (PDF) revealed main concerns among marketers. The most important driver of is an overall shift to online marketing and a greater emphasis on website personalization. They also expressed their general dissatisfaction with IT support for marketing’s technology needs.

Key findings from Unica’s annual survey of marketers.

  • Social media remains the reigning champion among emerging marketing channels, leading the way with 53% current usage
  • The biggest marketing bottleneck is “measurement, analysis and learning” mentioned by 57% of respondents
  • “turning data-into-action” is the most important organizational issue (62%)
  • Over half (51%) cited technology as the key to productivity
  • 87% of marketers express interest in a marketing suite that is better integrated
  • 57% report the adoption of inbound marketing methods (personalized targeting/messaging) in their web channels
  • 92% of marketers appreciate the value and importance of web data, but half or less apply that data to customer analyses and campaigns
  • Email is pervasive, but nearly three-quarters of respondents complain that their email data is either not integrated with other customer data, or that the integration is mostly a manual effort
  • 43% of respondents say they currently use mobile marketing, with another 23% planning to do so within a year

As more money is spent on social channels there’s an increasing need to show results. That need expresses itself in search for better “measurement, analysis and learning”. This is a good thing as it will help you to create better strategy and understand the place of social media in marketing processes and revenue generation.

Marketers are looking for better tools when they see “technology as the key to productivity” and “express interest in a marketing suite that is better integrated”. Right now the tools are not ready yet and to get results you need to improvise. We have pointed you to different tools here Forrester’s Overview of Corporate Listening Platforms and here 48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools.

However all the tools are not going to help if your strategy is not sound and there’s no understanding how to get real return on investment out of your social media programs. You can start with our step by step guide to social media strategy.

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    great read. We are also very much focused on using personalization in our site to make it easier and more relevant to each one of our users. I like to see that this is becoming more and more wide spread. Personally we are using a tool called

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