Twitter Use Continues to Climb, Only Strengthening Case for SMM on the Platform

It did not take long before Twitter took hold as a major social player on both the marketing and social interaction scene. The platform is a phenomenon as it has immerged as one of the top social sites in a crowded industry with almost 500 million registered users and over 100 million active on a daily basis producing over 340 million posts.

One of Twitter’s clear strengths is the quick nature of communication on the platform. When done right, there is tremendous opportunity to leverage quality content and follower volume for maximum impact. Top 10 SEO companies and social media consultants have varied strategies for increasing followership on the platform, but among these tips is always a concentration on achieving great quality and keeping customers in mind, first. Companies do so see results, and an aspect of this is the fact that Twitter usage is continuing to rise furthering the potential impact that can be experienced on the platform and in the search engines.

Pew has recently released results from a new survey of over 2,000 US adults showing the platform’s growth. In the US, 13% of US online adults indicated they used Twitter last year and now that has risen to 15% with 8% using it daily.  The number of daily users has doubled in the time since May of last year and multiplied 4 times since 2010. According to Pew, this rise has been aided by steady increases in smartphone penetration.

Not surprisingly, age plays a role as well, with the greatest percentage of users being the 18-24 year olds with 31% followed by those 25-34 at 17%. The spread is the same for daily use as 20% of online 18-24 year olds Tweet daily and 11% of those online 25-34.

What Social Media Marketers Can Act On

Businesses can learn several things from this study that they can put into action in campaigns with top SEO and SMM companies. First, Twitter use in growing and investment in social media marketing would be beneficial for most businesses. Second, information can be specifically created for different age groups of the customer base to establish a more targeted approach to tweeting information and creating lasting connections. Thirdly, considering the role mobile devices and smartphones are playing in the rise in Twitter use, businesses should offer content in their tweets that engage people on their mobile devices to make for more interactivity. This would include them to take and post a picture on their phones or do other actions that utilize the mobile aspect of the device and its other features.




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    Twitter Marketing is essential for quick sales in business, It surely helps to generate more leads.

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    Twitter popularity is increasing more on online world as it help alot in generating business leads unlike facebook which can only help in building networking

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