Twylah of the Gods – The Hottest New Twitter Add-on

Twylah of the Gods - The Hottest New Twitter Add-onEvery now and then, someone tries to talk to me about something that I simply must get for Twitter. I’ve almost always been severely disappointed. So I was sceptical about Twylah, especially as I didn’t quite get what it did.

What Twylah does, speaking crudely, is collate your tweets, take the cool content they refer to, and mush it into one easily-found page of all your interests. It then organises this content along themes and topics, and provides it to your audience as and when they need to see it.

Most of the Twitter tools I’ve used so far have made managing social media campaigns more difficult or time-consuming. Twylah is different.


First Add-on To Do ‘Automatic’ Right

When a tool or add-on uses the term ‘automatic’ in the context of social media, that’s a red flag for me. Automation is pretty much the opposite of socialising, and though it can be helpful for certain things on certain platforms, it has to be used very carefully. Twylah avoids this by automating what I see and do, not what my social media audience sees. So, for instance, once I’m signed in it automatically checks my feed for my most popular tweets, automatically updates it with the videos and photos I link to, and automatically sorts them all by popularity and topic.

Built-in Search Engine Optimisation

The extent and existence of Twylah’s SEO effects is still up for discussion, but the Twylah pages themselves are definitely visible in search, and this gives some indication that it’s not discounted from Google’s algorithms.

By automatically curating all the content you’ve generated, and automatically making it visible to search engines, you’ve created a suped-up tumblr out of your tweets, which were previously of relatively limited use. This makes Twylah useful to many types of digital agency.

This brings me to my next point…

Tweets Last Longer, Much Longer

With Twitter, your tweets get pushed from people’s timelines quickly. If they failed to make an impact, they’re gone. Full stop. If, on the other hand, you use Twylah, every time you tweet it will be turned into semi-permanent content that sticks around and is visible for months afterwards. Twylah also features “Power Tweets”, which are just as powerful as the name implies. “Power Tweets” enable related tweets to be displayed alongside your tweet when twitter users click the link, meaning that older links can still generate clicks months after they were published.

So How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is simple. All you need is a Twitter account and an email address. The leg-work is done for you, and all that’s left for you to manage is pinning or hiding topics that especially interest you.

If you use Twitter in any way, shape or form, I strongly recommend that you do sign up. Twylah is well worth it.



James Duval writes about social media for Strategy Internet Marketing Bristol, a search and digital marketing agency based in Bristol in the UK.

2 Responses

  1. Sharavanan says:

    Twitter is one of the major social media apps. This add-on would be very useful to the users as it supports ease of use and SEO.

    • James Duval says:

      Exactly! The adding of SEO alone makes it worth a look, as it’s a completely new dimension to consider when using Twitter.

      I think this is a really exciting new add-on. Thanks for commenting, Sharavanan!

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