Unique Ways to Make Money off Your Blog

Unique Ways to Make Money off Your BlogShort for “web log, ” a blog originally started out as a great tool for a wannabe writer to create an online journal.  These entries are listed in reverse chronological order, and they are usually just downright relaxing to write – and read.

People have come to enjoy the tidbits of information and insight that are presented in blogs, and because there’s a true personality behind these vignettes, the reader becomes a bit attached to certain bloggers. These followers, of course, represent out a blogger can actually make money from clicking away at the keyboard. So how do you start?

After learning the basics of setting up your own blog by using one of the free sites (Tumblr, Blogger.com, or WordPress) you’ll be ready to roll. Let the games begin!

How can you make money by blogging?Piece by piece, you’ll watch the money start to come in! 

It’s all about the ads, and Google’s AdSense is the place to start:

The gist of how this works is that the folks at Google read your blog and match various ads that will be most likely to be clicked by the reader who is interested in your subject.

For example, if a blogger writes an article about the ever-dreaded SATs and how to help a student prepare for them, Google would likely hook your reader up with ads on which to click that could get them to organizations, literature, books, etc., that could help the reader to learn even more.

It’s a win-win, isn’t it? Those Google folks are the queens and kings of studying demographics and what people are likely to click on, so – there you have it. You’ll be in the earning mode pretty quickly.

Use your blog to network – and earn:

Unique Ways to Make Money off Your BlogGone are the days of flipping through the yellow pages! People give their business to companies based on word-of-mouth and word-on-screen.

Let’s stick with the same example. If you’re the writer of that blog about prepping for the SATs, let’s say you share your experiences with certain learning centers or software. When someone is reading your blog and you mention that you’ve had great luck with specific organizations with which you have “affiliate contracts,” once they click on that website and give their business to your affiliate? Cha-Ching! Once the buyer’s credit card processing takes place, you’ll receive a financial reward for sharing your recommendation.

Be 100% sincere:

If you’re looking to build a following, you’ll gain a fantastic reputation by having affiliate relationships with only companies which you authentically support and believe in. If you wouldn’t part with your hard-earned money by purchasing goods or services from an online source, don’t suggest that your blog readers part with theirs.

The goal here is to make life easier for everyone, and odds are, your insights will provide some great answers for your readers. Getting financially rewarded when your readers purchase products and services that you endorse makes good sense, doesn’t it?

Let the sun shine in:Write about what you know – and make money doing it! 

So what do you know? A medical journey? A story of recovery? Gardening? All things car-related? The best way to go about finding a college for your child? The point here is that this list is truly endless.

Sit back, and think about your passions and areas of expertise. There’s no wrong answer, and trust yourself: You know a lot, and there are people out there who could really benefit from hearing your insights. Odds are, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who would gain insight from reading your words of wisdom. Let those words out of your fingertips!



Author Bio: Valerie J. Wilson enjoys writing and adding to her own income by blogging for many companies. 

Image Credit: Sean MacEnteeTax Credits

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