Valentine’s Day for Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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valetines day marketingMarketers love the day of love, because it’s an opportunity to drive sales and engage customers. Read tips and tricks for inspiration.

Sincerely. Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to drive sales and engage customers. But it’s not often easy to find out what kind of promotion to run, and how to start thinking about it.

Cash in

A point is clear: it worth to run a promotion at Valentine’s Day, because men spends $158 at this occasion, and people spend not only to the significant other, but also on pets, classmates and coworkers. So small value products and services have a significant advantage!

Unsexy brands can also try to run a V-day promo, but e.g. a windows&doors retailer definitely needs to think hard when crafting the marketing tagline. “Have better windows and keep the sound of live inside the flat!” – What about his one? Sexy enough to catch attention?

8 tips, which may work for every business

  • Extend the occasion, start your promotion at the beginning of February!
  • Donate time to charity and talk about it.
  • Make a special offer like “bring someone you love, and that person gets 50% off”.
  • Give a small gift to customers.
  • Offer a free rose for every purchase of $30 or more.
  • Give red gift wrapping for free.
  • Make a SAD deal (i.e. Single Awareness Day Deal) for single people.
  • Use Facebook Ad, you can target there according to relationship status.

Segmentation strategy, statistics and ideas for unsexy brands.

The original post for this infographic is here.

Your turn: What other ideas would you add to the list? Do you have any more idea for unsexy brands? Please let us know and comment your thoughts.

About the Author: Zsuzsa Szabo is the co-founder of Antavo Promotion Builder, which helps marketers to get more customers and engage the existing ones. She tweets at @szabozsuzsa and @antavopromotion.

Image credit: Alanna George

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