Viral video marketing: T-Mobile Angry Birds Live case study

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Just this morning I came across an excellent video by T-Mobile which has tons of viral potential. Angry Birds is clearly the most popular game application on the market and this is a great example of how innovative videos can go viral. Just like T-Mobile and Rovio, your business could create huge brand awereness and be the centre of attention.

It is very difficult to create viral ads on purpose, they just happen and setting yourself out to create viral ads as a goal could easily be a missfire. But if your business tries to create meaningful or enjoyable content, people just might like it and share it with their friends.  And that’s the jackpot.

Viral videos Do’s and Don’t-s

  • Do make it brief – two minutes at max.
  • Don’t fake it. People will find out.
  • Do make people remember your video –  make it shocking, amazing, fun, enjoyable, unexpected, etc.
  • Don’t make it an obvious advertisment. Selling your product will hardly ever create a viral effect.
  • Make it easily shareable.

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