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In-Depth WebinarJam Review (2023 Edition)

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webinarjam review - is it worth the money

In-Depth WebinarJam Review (2023 Edition)

Home / Content Marketing / In-Depth WebinarJam Review (2023 Edition)
webinarjam review - is it worth the money
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The other day, my niece was trying to tell me about something funny that happened in school. You know how long kindergarten stories can get, and my attention drifted – just for a second.

She got upset because I wasn’t listening. Long story short, I ended up buying ice cream for her to hear the “whole” story again.   

But you know, your customers can be like that too.

Marketers worldwide understand that it’s all about engaging with customers. And the longer you do, the better.

So imagine if you had the opportunity to keep engagement up as long as 50 minutes?

Yeah, you read that right! 


With a webinar! 

It not only gets your message out to your audience but can also help market your brand.

However, that means you need comprehensive webinar marketing software that offers excellent performance and yields equally good results.

How can I find the right webinar software? I knew you’d ask.

A quick search on the internet will bring names like GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, Livestorm, WebinarNinja, and LiveWebinar. 

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. And this happens all the time when you’re searching for a digital marketing tool. So which one is the right one?

Lately, there's a lot of hype around WebinarJam.

It’s probably the best webinar software in 2023.

WebinarJam is a high-quality video engine with a variety of easy-to-use engagement tools available at an affordable price.

And guess what, it’s created by the creators of Karta – Genesis Digital!

As a top-rated webinar hosting tool, WebinarJam helps create and conduct webinar sessions effortlessly, whether it’s live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, or broadcasting events through private webinar rooms. 

And it promises a lot more.

But is it worth the hype? 

Read this guide to find out.

Our Verdict – Is WebinarJam Really That Good?

If you’re in a rush today and don’t have time to read the whole review right now?

That’s okay. I've got a straight answer for you.

WebinarJam is great at what it does. And yes, it’s completely worth the hype. 

With over 50,000 worldwide users across 40 different industries, there’s gotta be something incredible about it, right?

Want a quick preview of the reasons why so many people use WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a web-based solution that allows small businesses to create and conduct webinar sessions at an affordable price. It’s easy to use and jam-packed with great features (catch the pun?)

And since the platform uses the latest technologies, you can create awesome webinars your business deserves at a price you can afford.

With WebinarJam, you can:

  • Reach as many as 5000 people in one presentation
  • Go solo or host a roundtable of up to 6 presenters to collaborate on screen
  • Broadcast in high-quality video and audio
  • Run sales presentations, tutorial training sessions, or lectures.
  • Use a digital whiteboard that lets you annotate your presentations and explain things better to your audience
  • Conduct free and paid live sessions 
  • Integrates with multiple payment gateways to monetize lie webinars
  • Use it on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Automatically record webinars for replays to allow people to watch the webinar again later
  • Schedule replays after the live session (24 hours and 72 hours)
  • Keep your webinar attendees fully engaged throughout the webinar with live chat, question and answer, private comments, moderation capabilities, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, etc.
  • Tailor live sessions to fit in with your business schedule
  • Spotlight attendees and give your audience a voice 
  • Presenters and attendees can stream from anywhere
  • Customize contents of webinar registration pages
  • Send notifications, via email and SMS, to reminder registrants about your events
  • Make the registration process quick and easy with one-click auto-register technology
  • Present active offers during your webinar
  • Access secure, password-protected webinar rooms
  • Instantly reboot a new room in case of technical difficulties and redirect everyone within a minute
  • Utilize surveys and polls to learn more about your audience and their preferences, and make your webinars more engaging and interactive
  • Access performance stats in real-time (traffic and engagement analytics
  • Integrate with third-party apps
  • Stream directly on YouTube Live

So ask yourself again, is WebinarJam worth it?

Hell yeah!

And since I’m transparent… I’ll give it to you straight, WebinarJam has a slight learning curve.

But that’s usually the case for any new software you use, and it’s something you can easily overcome. It just takes a little tinkering around till you get the hang of things.

I personally did a mock-webinar with our team twice before an actual launch and we were able to work out all the kinks with ease.

Plus, some people who used WebinarJam reported having connection issues/streaming delays. Personally I haven't had these issues but this is something you can easily mitigate. We'll discuss this in detail later.

The only real drawback is that you cannot host automated webinars. For that, you will need to use EverWebinar.

So, are you interested in learning more about WebinarJam?

<< Try the WebinarJam 14-day trial >>

Or keep reading this WebinarJam review if you still have questions.

I’ll be discussing WebinarJam’s key features in detail, the main benefits, its pricing plans, and more.

So let’s get started.

Who Should Use WebinarJam?

If you’re still reading this, it’s a given that you’re interested in reliable webinar software to help you create stellar webinars for your business.

But the question remains, “Is WebinarJam the right software for you?

WebinarJam is the ideal solution to your webinar dilemmas if you:

  • Are committing to a long-term webinar strategy
  • Are an online course creator, coach, public speaker, or consultant who wants to make money from webinars
  • Are looking for an all-in-one webinar tool with comprehensive features, such as flexible scheduling, replays, intuitive communication tools, analytics, email automation, etc.
  • Need a webinar tool for large online events, training seminars, or online courses (up to 5,000 webinar attendees)
  • Want to create and conduct events in live streaming video 
  • Want to expand your content creation outside of blog posts, infographics, and video to increase your brand’s authority and credibility 
  • Want to sell a product through a webinar
  • Crave high-resolution video content
  • Need software that works on all devices, especially mobile devices
  • Need access to a dedicated “Always-On“ room that you can hop in and go live at any moment
  • Are looking for an affordable webinar tool

Welcome aboard, mate!

WebinarJam Features & Benefits

If you’re thinking about investing in webinar software, here are some of the features that make WebinarJam stand out from others on the market. 

Attendee Management

WebinarJam's Attendee Management
Source: Freepik

Attendee management is crucial for all events – before, during, and after.

And your webinar is no different. 

With WebinarJam, the process can be automated, making webinar attendee management easier and more efficient. And that’s crucial if you’re going to be managing up to 5,000 people in one presentation.

WebinarJam helps with various aspects such as sending attendees invites and registration forms, managing secure payment gateways, confirmation, follow-up emails, and more. This ensures that everything is taken care of at the right time and your customers remain satisfied. After all, your webinar means nothing without them. 

Furthermore, WebinarJam offers options to allow you to control chat and Q&A sessions to ensure attendee engagement tops the charts. But more on these features later.

So what information can you access about your registrants?

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • IP Address
  • Webinar they registered for, the session, and registration date.
  • Whether they attended live 
  • When they entered the room and how long they stayed
  • Whether they purchased during the webinar and how much you earned from them
  • Whether they interacted in the Replay Room

Automated Recordings and Webinar Replay

The last thing you want is to remember at the end of a live webinar session that you forgot to hit the record button. 

But that won’t happen anymore if you’re using WebinarJam. 

One you start an event, all your live broadcasts are automatically recorded, including chats, announcements, offers, surveys, or polls.

WebinarJam’s Replica Replay will mimic everything that happened in the live room.

So anyone who missed the live session will never know the difference. More importantly, the replays will be just as engaging as your live sessions.

Once the live session is finished, you can download the video file and open the replay page. A link becomes available once you run the webinar.

Wait, there’s more.

You can also schedule the replay to be played out after the live webinar. But I’ll discuss this in more detail in the next feature.

Webinar Scheduling

WebinarJam offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. You can run a webinar when and how you need them.

For instance, you can run a webinar:

  • Right Now – go live instantly 
  • Scheduled – go live in the future
  • Recurring Series – schedule a series of webinar sessions that repeat regularly
  • Always-On – set up a dedicated room just for your webinars. 

Sessions can be scheduled as: 

One Single Session

One Single Session allows you to run multiple sessions of the same content. Therefore, people will register for only one session, not all of them.

Suppose you want to give your audience the flexibility to attend a webinar that aligns with their schedule. You can run a session at 9:00 AM and another at 1:00 PM on the same day. 

Multiple Sessions

Multiple Sessions allows you to run multiple webinars over a period of a few days. People can subscribe to all the individual events by signing up just once. 

With this option, you can set a different date and time combination. However, they will be bundled as an indivisible multi-event presentation.

Recurrent Series of Presentations

With Recurrent Series of Presentations, you can create a series of webinars, possibly even have a webinar that builds on a previous one. Here, the webinars run on a fixed, recurrent schedule. 

For instance, you could set a schedule to air your sessions from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM every day. Or you could run your sessions every Saturday at 5:00 PM for the whole year. Yes, it is that simple!

With this option, people will still register only once to gain access to all the webinars. 

Campaign Management

WebinarJam has many features to help manage your webinar campaigns, like live room management, customizability on the webinar registration pages, level of attendee engagement, analytics dashboard, etc.

You’ll have access to marketing capabilities that enhance your sales funnel and keep you a step ahead.

More importantly, you want to be able to control your campaigns on WebinarJam, and that’s straightforward too.

Simply decide when you want to run your live webinar. And with the flexible scheduling feature mentioned above, things couldn't get easier. You’ll always be in complete control with WebinarJam’s in-built campaign management tool.

WebinarJam allows you to customize and personalize webinar campaigns like a pro.

Moreover, no matter what date, time, or time zone you choose to run your webinar, WebinarJam ensures that attendees always see a countdown timer according to their local time zone. This ensures that they never miss your webinars.

Simply decide what campaign you’re interested in a:

  • Live Webinar

You can host a standard, live webinar in HD. More importantly, you can interact and chat with attendees live, respond to their queries, make offers, and conduct polls and surveys during your live session.

  • Replica Replay

Since all live webinars are automatically recorded, you can replay them whenever you want. All chats and offers are recorded and replayed so that anyone watching the replay can have the live webinar experience. 

  • Series 

This is a great option for anyone who wants to create a multi-session course through webinars.

  • Hybrid Webinar

You can play a pre-recorded video during your live webinar and continue to interact with attendees.

Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls are a great way to drive maximum engagement and interaction during your webinar. Asking your attendees for feedback can help provide content for discussions during the webinar itself, or you can use it to understand the needs of your audience and personalize future webinar campaigns. 

More importantly, sharing poll results is a powerful way to prove and emphasize the message you’re trying to convey in your webinar. Moreover, showing poll results encourages attendees to participate in the poll.

With WebinarJam, including surveys and polls into your webinar is easy. If you clicked on Full Configuration during the setup, you can create a poll before the webinar starts and air it when you want to. But if you clicked on Express setup for your webinar, you can easily create a new poll whenever you want.

Polls like the one above can be pre-configured and launched at the right time during a webinar. 

Simply click on the “Add New Poll” button to add the poll question and options you want to give the attendees to answer the question.

After the poll is finished, you can share the results with your audience.

But besides polls, you can just as easily set up surveys to send to your registrants on the Thank You page. Respondents can reply to survey questions with one answer, multiple answers, or short/long answers.

Live Chat

Nothing beats engagement generation than chatting in real-time. So yes, WebinarJam lives up to its expectations as an engagement tool.

The chat option allows you to talk with your audience in real-time and edit/delete their messages.

You can moderate chat capabilities by choosing how to communicate with attendees, such as private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, etc.

Through the chat feature, you can interact with the whole group of attendees, work directly with each one, or answer individual questions.

Another great feature of WebinarJam is that you can also chat with administrators of your webinar. This allows you to communicate with each other without your attendees seeing them.

Q&A sessions

You know that simply speaking to your customers is not enough. You want them to engage with you, and that means having people talk to you. Remember, that’s why you’re interested in conducting a webinar in the first place and not settling for video conferencing.

As you may have noticed in the images above, the second tab is for Q&A. Any messages that appear here are marked as questions, and your response will be marked as an Answer.

You can set up a question box where attendees can submit questions during your webinar. 

But if you’re thinking about hosting a live Q&A session, WebinarJamis the perfect platform. Not only does this boost customer engagement, but it’s also your chance to clear any doubts attendees may have during the session. 

Any attendee can access the “Request to Speak” button at the top of their chat bar to raise their hand. When you see their request, hover over their name, and grant them access to speak.

Once you’ve answered the query, you can eject them from the live room and they will return to being an attendee in the webinar.

Post-Webinar Communication

You know you can’t limit your communications to before and during your webinar. Just like marketing, you need to reach out to, extend communications, and engage with your attendees after a webinar as well. 

This can improve the impact of your webinar and make it more successful.

Moreover, post-webinar communications can encourage people to take the final action and improve your conversion rates.

So how can you conduct post-webinar communications effectively? 

WebinarJam has powerful features in this regard. For instance, you can send post-webinar notifications to different people who signed up to attend your webinar.

Furthermore, you can segment your webinar registration list into the following categories: 

  • All registrants
  • Those who did or did not attend
  • Those who attended and did or did not order/purchase a product
  • Those who attended but left before a timeframe you specify
  • Those who attended or stayed to a timeframe you specify

For instance, you decided to reach out to those who did not attend the live session.

You could send an email with a replay link. This email was scheduled to be sent 24 hours after the webinar aired. 

You could also use this opportunity to ask why they weren’t able to attend the webinar, possibly highlighting issues that you could easily adjust to help them join other webinars.

Additionally, you can segment the attendee list depending upon how long a person remained in the session, whether in the live session or replay room. This allows you to highlight high-quality leads. For instance, you could ask those who stayed till the end about what they liked/disliked about the webinar. 

Or you could target those who made a purchase.

You can also ask those that left early what the reason was.

Webinar Analytics

Every business owner wants to understand their customers better. This is where robust data analytics comes in handy.

With WebinarJam’s advanced analytic tools, you have access to rich data that offers in-depth insights about your audience.

What metrics can you have at your fingertips?

  • Basic webinar conversion flow (total visitors, number of clicks, etc.)
  • Landing Page split test results
  • Email open rates and registration rates 
  • Engagement and attendee statistics during your live webinar (people who attended the webinar, how many saw the entire webinar, the average amount of time an attendee stayed, etc.)
  • Attendee statistics during webinar replay
  • User rating of your webinar and the number of ratings provided
  • Monetization statistics
  • Audience connectivity quality

With WebinarJam 4.0, you can also monitor the quality of the connection your attendees are experiencing in real-time.

With all these statistics, you can make better decisions that can influence future webinars, target the leads who are most likely to make a purchase, and improve overall marketing campaigns.

Webinar Attendee Registration

There are several ways you can help people to sign up for your webinar. For instance, you could email a link to the registration page, promote it on social media, or embed a webinar registration button on your website.

The registration form is designed with the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

Though you can customize the design of your registration pages, you can’t add any other questions to the registration form. 

WebinarJam’s one-click registration makes it incredibly easy for people to register for your webinar. It allows you to configure a customizable hotlink to help quickly register leads into an autoresponder list.

Since they don’t have to fill out lengthy forms, people are more likely to sign up. And the best part is that you can enable the auto-subscription feature so that registrants are automatically registered in any new webinar you conduct later.  

So all you need to do is send a “Click to Register” link to your email list. 

Thank You Pages

Sending a thank you email to everyone who signs up to your webinars is a nice way to welcome a potential customer. More importantly, it's the ideal way to send a friendly reminder about your webinar.

A Thank You page could include the following:

  • Message about successful registration
  • Webinar topic and host name
  • Date and time of the webinar 
  • Add-to-calendar link
  • Link to join the webinar 
  • Custom text to create hype about the webinar
  • Trailer video

You can use one of WebinarJam’s default Thank You page templates.

You can use one of WebinarJam’s default Thank You page templates to send a thank you email to everyone who signs up to your webinars

Or you can create a custom page and add them to your autoresponder.

You can create a custom page and add them to your autoresponder on Thank You Page

You can also include a survey on the Thank You page. Use this opportunity to ask registrants what they expect from the webinar. This will help personalize the content and provide discussion material.

Attendee Presentation

WebinarJam allows you to bring people from your audience to the stage. They can participate in your live webinar discussion as a speaker or presenter. 

So if you want to spotlight an attendee, you can enable that person to speak, share their screen, run a PowerPoint presentation, and more. 

And when they’re done, you can easily switch them back to the ‘attendee-only’ mode.

So if an attendee requests to participate in your live webinar, you can accept or deny their request in the ‘Speak’ tab shown below. 

Now this person can temporarily use their microphone, webcam, or share the screen with other attendees.

WebinarJam allows you to bring people from your audience to the stage
WebinarJam allows you to bring people from your audience to the stage

You can also send an invitation to anyone who you want to be a presenter at your webinar. Simply invite additional presenters by clicking the plus icon and entering their name and email address. They will be sent a link to enter the webinar as a presenter. 

You can send an invitation to anyone who you want to be a presenter at your webinar on WebinarJam

Language Compatibility

WebinarJam offers multilingual capabilities. This ensures that you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with your target audience just because of language barriers.

Now all you have to do is simply select a preferred language, and all the pages that your audience interacts with will be translated with a click of a button.

So what languages does WebinarJam support?

WebinarJam's Language Compatibility

This list continues to grow, so keep checking to see what other languages WebinarJam supports.

WebinarJam Third Party Integrations

WebinarJam offers extensive third party integrations, such as email marketing tools, CRMs, shopping carts, etc. That’s how this webinar platform facilitates automation and streamlines tasks.

Here’s a list of tools that WebinarJam currently integrates with, but you can expect it to grow in the coming years.

A list of tools that WebinarJam currently integrates with on Third Party Integrations

For instance, WebinarJam also integrates with third party tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Ads. Moreover, you can embed a different tracking code for each stage of your webinar funnel, such as the registration page, thank you page, live room, and replay room.

WebinarJam integrates with third party tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Ads

The Whiteboard

Sure, slides are a great way to share information. But there’s something even better to each attendee engagement.

WebinarJam offers a drawing board feature so you can draw or write notes on your slides during your presentation and share it directly on the webinar. This strengthens the points you’re trying to make and helps explain concepts better while adding a personal touch to your presentation.

WebinarJam offers a drawing board feature so you can draw or write notes on your slides during your presentation and share it directly on the webinar

You can control the transparency of the whiteboard with a slider. At its most opaque setting, your screen looks like a blank whiteboard. And if you keep it midway, you can write anything, draw shapes and lines on any of your slides or video presentations.

You can control the transparency of the whiteboard with a slider on WebinarJam


Much like screen sharing, this feature allows you to share a PDF or any file (up to 80 Mb) with your attendees during the live webinar. This can help supplement the information you’re talking about, or you can use this feature to assign homework/tasks to participants.

WebinarJam's Handouts allows you to share a PDF or any file (up to 80 Mb) with your attendees during the live webinar

Simply click on the ‘Files’ tab and add a file.

WebinarJam's Handouts allows you to share a PDF or any file with your attendees during the live webinar

Or you can complete this during the webinar setup stage.

WebinarJam's Handouts allows you to share a PDF or any file with your attendees during the webinar setup page

Webinar Recordings

I’ve already discussed how WebinarJam allows you to automatically record webinars and offer replica replays of your live WebinarJam webinars. 

Since WebinarJam is specially designed for businesses who want to generate revenue from webinars, you can also upload any video or other pre-recorded webinars besides airing live webinars.

Moreover, depending on business style and needs, you can also conduct webinars via private rooms or live streams by hosting on YouTube Live and other social media.

If live streaming is not what you have in mind, you can easily incorporate pre-recorded content into your webinars. WebinarJam allows you to use slides through a PowerPoint presentation, or explain the content on your device via screen sharing. 

You could also air a recorded webinar and end with a live Q&A session.

Landing Page Builder

WebinarJam has a library of built-in templates to help you create landing pages, such as a registration page. 

WebinarJam's Landing Page Builder

Simply point-and-click on the different sections of the professionally-designed templates and customize various aspects, such as:

  • Font styles, sizes, and color
  • Edit text
  • Registration button
  • Upload images and videos
  • Display your logo and banners
Editing pre-designed templates can literally take just a few minutes on WebinarJam's Landing Page Builder

Editing pre-designed templates can literally take just a few minutes.

However, if you’re unsure whether your design will work its magic, you can A/B test the design. WebinarJam allows you to split-test two designs and track which one is the higher converting registration page.

A/B testing the registration page is a smart feature unique to WebinarJam that I’ve not found in many other webinar software. It offers design insights to help boost your webinar registrations.

WebinarJam's Landing Page Builder - Registration Page Design

You can also create your own design using your favorite funnel-building software like Kartra or ClickFunnels and embed the code here.

Email and SMS Communication

One of the best features of WebinarJam is how easily you can send timely emails and SMS notifications. It allows you to customize messages for your webinar funnel. You can send up to 10 notifications before and 10 notifications after each webinar, including the following messages:

  • Welcome messages immediately after a person signs up for a webinar
  • Pre-webinar reminder by sending a message x hours before the webinar
  • Last-minute reminders can be sent 15 minutes before the webinar starts
  • Post-webinar message can be scheduled to be sent x hours after the webinar 
One of the best features of WebinarJam is how easily you can send timely emails and SMS notifications

More importantly, WebinarJam comes with an auto-responder that automatically sends follow-up personalized emails to different segments. You can segment your registration list based on their behavior, such as:

You can segment your registration list based on their behavior on WebinarJam

If you signed up to a WebinarJam account using a free email account (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo), these emails will be sent from

And if you send out customized emails, WebinarJam also integrates email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Kartra, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, ConstantContact, etc.

Product Offers

This is one of the features that I really like about WebinarJam, especially if you plan to create a sales webinar.

You can configure live webinar offers during the webinar setup stage. Create your offer by filling in the fields and preview it before it goes live in your webinar. 

Make sure your CTA has a clear and powerful message for your audience.

Once you're done, click to save.

WebinarJam's Product Offers

During the webinar, click on ‘Launch offer’ and your offer will be visible to all attendees on the right side of the screen.

You can use WebinarJam as a sales tool and encourage attendees to avail your offer. For instance:

  • add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency
  • add a ‘x units left’ counter to create a sense of scarcity 
  • show a notification whenever someone makes a purchase

Video Injections

WebinarJam enables you to inject videos into your presentation. Now you can use pre-recorded portions of your previous webinar to ensure you effectively engage with all of your attendees, especially with those who didn’t watch it.

Injected videos seamlessly integrate into your webinar, minimizing pauses or technical difficulties during your presentation.

WebinarJam's Video Injections

Simply link to a .mp4 file or a YouTube video during webinar configuration, and you’re all set.

Slide Presentations

Just like videos, you can also upload a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation to use during your webinar. You can complete this task during the webinar configuration process so that during the webinar, you can broadcast the slide with a mere click of a button.

More importantly, uploading slides before the webinar prevents overloading your internet bandwidth during the webinar, which helps maintain the image quality on the slides.

WebinarJam's Slide Presentations

Once you upload your presentation, you can access features for your slides, such as:

WebinarJam's Slide Presentations

Remember that PPT, PPTX, KeyNote, and PDF (up to 80 Mb) are file formats acceptable by WebinarJam. 

Monetized Webinars

Marketing 101 – generate as much money as you can from as many sources as possible. And that includes your webinars too! So while it’s nice to offer free webinars, you can make money off of paid webinars too. 

So if you’re providing paid services or selling products through sales webinars, you’ll need to focus on this section.

WebinarJam offers different payment gateways to help complete their registration process. It supports credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and PayPal. 

Monetized webinars are super easy to set up. All you have to do is click the Registration Tab and click on ‘Charge to register for the webinar’.

An easy way to set up WebinarJam's Monetized webinar

In 4 steps, you’re all set.

  1. Instead of the free webinar, you can choose to charge money
  2. Link to payment checkout
  3. Decide on a Registration Fee
  4. Enter a post-payment URL 
WebinarJam's Registration Monetize

Webinar also offers many monetization statistics, such as sales conversion, earnings per attendee, etc. You’ll be able to see how many people signed up and how much revenue you earned, including both the live session and the replay. 

WebinarJam's monetization statistics

Webinar Password Protection

This is for you, if you’re thinking about creating a paid webinar or one with restricted access.

You want only paying customers and peers to enter your live room. This means you need to create restricted invite-only webinars with a password feature.

WebinarJam's Password Protection

Password Protected Rooms help restrict access to your webinar and secure your content. WebinarJam allows you to set one master password for all attendees or a unique password for each registrant.

WebinarJam's Password Protection

The Panic Button

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise Plans.

The Panic Button is your Plan B. It helps you escape from unexpected technical difficulties, whether that’s a frozen screen or malfunctioning mic.

Simply click the panic button to reboot the system. A brand new live room will be set up immediately without the need to reconfigure it. All presenters and attendees are transferred to the room within 10 to 15 seconds so that you can carry on with your broadcast.

WebinarJam's Panic Button

The Always-On Room

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise Plans

If you need to conduct recurring live sessions, this feature is a must-have. The Always-On room is open 24/7, so you can log in at a moment's notice. In other words, you have your own room that’s always on to conduct webinars anytime you need to. And everybody can jump right into the room at any time.

Since the webinar settings are preset, the room is always ready, and the link never changes, it’s very convenient to use. 

Plus, the URL is branded with your company name.

WebinarJam's Feature - The Always-On Room

Simply log into your room and click on the “Go Live” button.

The Control Center

This feature is included in the Enterprise Plan.

The Control Panel helps control all your operations on WebinarJam.

WebinarJam's Control Center

But we understand that managing everything by yourself can get overwhelming, from granting access to presenters to spark to answering their questions, and presenting offers to running polls.

That’s why we let your staff moderate and manage the event as well. So now you can focus on your presentation and create a stellar webinar. 

The Control Panel is a separate room where your colleagues and staff members can help operate the event.

Custom Designed Webinar Rooms

A live webinar room with your own design? How professional!

WebinarJam allows you to coordinate the design of your webinar room with your website’s design colors. This may seem basic, however, it’s that little something that pulls all aspects of your brand together.

WebinarJam's Custom Designed Webinar Rooms

Benefits of Using WebinarJam

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that WebinarJam is more than just a platform that offers webinar services. The array of marketing tools that WebinarJam offers allows entrepreneurs to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits –  and rewards – you can enjoy by using this webinar software.

Everything in Your Browser

Now, this is something that I know every person appreciates, whether you’re a presenter or an attendee. You can utilize WebinarJam directly from any browser, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

With no downloads or installs, you’re guaranteed a seamless user experience. 

You have everything in browser with WebinarJam

Ease of Use

Hands down, I like tools that are easy to use and flexible. And I’m sure you do too.

As a webinar software with advanced marketing and engagement features, WebinarJam has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. 

But I’ll be honest. It wasn’t always like this. 

WebinarJam used to be complicated to use when it was hosted on Google Hangouts. But ever since the platform was updated, you don’t have to go through Google Hangouts to record a live webinar.


WebinarJam is backed with a powerful punch of automation. This facilitates speedy webinar creation, flawless presentations, and better audience engagement.

But besides helping you conduct and create live webinar sessions, you can just as easily:

  • Customize registration pages using pre-designed page templates
  • Send email invites and reminders through an in-built auto-responder, and follow-up emails after the webinar
  • Upload offers 
  • Schedule events and sessions
  • Gather actionable insights

And much more.

WebinarJam has a lot of amazing automation tools that can help your SMB business. And yes, they’re all simple to use.

Device Compatibility

You can use WebinarJam on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. So anyone and everyone can use it on any device.

Now all you need is a stable internet connection! 

You can use WebinarJam on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone

Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement is an important factor in a successful webinar. In fact, it can lead to greater:

  • Interactivity
  • Stimulation
  • UX
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion rates

Since WebinarJam excels in attendee engagement, you can expect to see all these benefits and more. 

Video Quality

WebinarJam offers webinars in HD quality video and audio. It guarantees high-tech precision at an affordable price, separating it from other competitors in the market.

And as long as you have a strong internet connection, you’ll have minimal lag time. 

Plus, I suggest the following to ensure you get the best quality webinar presentation:

  • Free up as much internal space as possible. So don’t run programs like Spotify and Netflix.
  • Don’t slow down your internet connection with things like gaming and downloads.

Broadcast to YouTube

By default, you’ll host your webinars on WebinarJam. But you can also broadcast your webinars to your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, so what better way could there be to increase customer access to your webinars than to host them on YouTube!

So even though you cannot install the actual WebinarJam live stream to your website, you can embed the YouTube video on your own page.

YouTube Live helps you stream using YouTube’s servers. But it also allows you to stream simultaneously in your webinar room and on your YouTube account. 

Now that’s what I call hitting two birds with one stone.

You can also broadcast your webinars to your YouTube channel beside your webinar

You can also broadcast your webinars via Facebook Live.

Facebook Community

It’s always nice to have a community of users to whom you can reach out for support, tips, ideas, and queries. With over 44K followers, WebinarJam’s Facebook community is another place where you can interact with like-minded people and tap into the potential of WebinarJam.

WebinarJam's Facebook Community

Last Minute Checklist

I’m grateful for all the help I can get before launching a webinar. So WebinarJam’s last minute checklist is a Godsend.

The system performs a simple audio and video test to ensure everything is synced and working properly. 

WebinarJam's Last-minute Checklist
WebinarJam's Last-minute Checklist performs a simple audio and video test to ensure everything is synced and working properly

If something isn’t working, WebinarJam will help you identify issues before your webinar starts.

Security Measures 

WebinarJam ensures that everything is as secure as possible and it continues to incorporate additional measures regularly. Currently, it considers the following:

  • Securing infrastructure access through Cloudflare protection, restricted server access, and two-factor authentication.
  • Outage protection by managing real-time redundancy and maintaining ongoing backups
  • Data privacy with encrypted account passwords, API credentials, third party integrated credentials, SSL/TLS encryption, uniquely generated links to the webinar recordings, segregated databases, etc.
  • PCI, SCA, GDPR, and HIPPA compliant 
  • Partnering with tech industry leaders, such as
    • SendGrid for email notifications
    • Twilio for video/audio webRTC streaming
    • Amazon for cloud server infrastructure
    • Pusher for live socket communications
    • Cloudflare for web page protection and speed
    • Kartra for credit card transactions 

Using WebinarJam With EverWebinar

EverWebinar is an excellent solution for small and medium business owners that have a lot vested in webinars

When it comes to live webinars, WebinarJam is as good as it gets. But if you’re looking for more ways to make more money, consider upgrading to EverWebinar.

EverWebinar is the sister service of WebinarJam that’s ideal for making evergreen or automated webinars. EverWebinar is suitable for rebroadcasting live webinars and making on-demand webinars.

As a powerful business automation software tool for webinar platforms, EverWebinar is an excellent solution for small and medium business owners that have a lot vested in webinars.

In order to run an automated webinar, you’ll need to work in conjunction with EverWebinar. While you can host your live webinar in WebinarJam, simply use the recording from that platform and convert it into an automated webinar on EverWebinar.

Now your recorded sessions will mimic live ones so that attendees will feel as if they’re attending a live event.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam offers three pricing tiers – basic, professional, and enterprise. All are annual subscriptions that allow users to host unlimited webinars.

However, WebinarJam doesn’t offer a free plan or a free trial. However, for a limited time, it is offering an almost-free trial – a 14 day trial for just $1.

Basic Plan

Priced at $499/year

This plan is ideal for beginners since it’s the cheapest. However, it’s also the most limited package. You can only have:

  • 2 presenters per webinar
  • Max duration – 2 hours
  • Number of attendees – 500

Click here to check it out.

Professional Plan

Priced at $699/year

This plan is ideal for small business owners committed to a long-term webinar strategy. You can have:

  • 4 presenters per webinar
  • Max duration – 3 hours
  • Number of attendees – 2000
  • Offers access to the Panic Button and Always-On Room

This is the plan I've been using and you can grab it here.

Enterprise Plan

Priced at $999 a year

This plan is ideal for enterprises with a large audience. You can have:

  • 6 presenters per webinar
  • Max duration – 4 hours
  • Number of attendees – 5000
  • Offers access to the Panic Button, Always-On Rooms, and the Control Panel

If you’re not satisfied with WebinarJam, you can claim a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

Click here for all the details.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

WebinarJam Pros:

  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Simultaneously live-stream on YouTube
  • Affordable WebinarJam pricing
  • Unique features like Always-On room and Panic Button offer professional webinar service
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Duration times are generous

WebinarJam Cons:

  • WebinarJam pricing plans offer only yearly subscriptions 
  • Doesn’t provide customer support via phone and live chat is limited to 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM PT.
  • Restricted customization of landing pages
  • No automated webinars

WebinarJam Support and Customer Service

WebinarJam offers multiple touchpoints for customer support. You can:

  • Access their online documentation 
You can acess WebinarJam's online documentation
  • Search for quick answers on their FAQs
You can search for quick answers on WebinarJam's FAQs
  • Chat with a customer support representative
You can chat with a customer support representative on WebinarJam
  • Reach customer support via email ticket 
You can reach customer support via email ticket on WebinarJam

WebinarJam Alternatives

While WebinarJam is great, it may not be the right one for you. And that’s okay.

There are some other webinar platforms you can consider. 


Choose Demio if you’re a startup or small business testing the idea of hosting a webinar.

Demio is a browser-based webinar platform with features very similar to WebinarJam.

But it has better chat customer support, offers monthly subscriptions, cheaper plans, and has a 14-day free trial.

Learn more about Demio.


Choose EasyWebinar if you don't have budget restrictions and need a comprehensive webinar platform.

EasyWebinar offers everything WebinarJam does and more, especially if you’re looking for unlimited automated webinar funnels.

What really makes this platform different is that it can help you run a live conference or summit with 6+ million attendees (plan available at a custom quote).

Generally, EasyWebinar’s pricing plans are more expensive than WebinarJam, but monthly subscriptions are available with a 14-day free trial period. 

We've also got a full EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam comparison.


Choose GetResponse if you’re looking for a complete email + webinar marketing solution. 

This fully loaded all-in-one marketing platform is packed with features such as host live and on-demand webinars, email marketing campaigns, automated workflows, lead scoring and nurturing, analytics, and more. 

So even though GetResponse pricing plans cost almost as much as WebinarJam, you're getting access to a lot more tools. Furthermore, GetResponse offers a 30-day trial with limited access to features.

Learn more about it in our GetResponse review.

Is WebinarJam Really That Good?

With its great engagement tools and follow-up features, WebinarJam is arguably one of the best webinar software available today.

After reading this review, you’ll agree that it definitely lives up to the hype.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create an amazing webinar for large audiences at an affordable price.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it hard for marketers to look elsewhere. 

With WebinarJam, you’ll be able to 

  • Automatically record every webinar
  • Inject video, slides, whiteboard presentations, offers, etc. into your live session
  • Spotlight attendees and conduct live chat/Q&A sessions
  • Automate emails and SMS reminders
  • Stream on Facebook Live and YouTube Live 
  • Access advanced analytics

And much more.

The only thing you really can’t do on WebinarJam is host evergreen webinars. However, as I suggested, you can simply upgrade to EverWebinar.

So if you’re interested in webinar hosting services, start your WebinarJam trial today!

How to Use WebinarJam to Create Kickass Webinars

Ready to try WebinarJam?

Great! Here’s how to get started.

Though WebinarJam is accessible on your phone, I recommend using your laptop or PC for best results. Even with adequate memory, your phone may lag during live video streaming and affect the video quality. Plus, the software is so much easier to use and manage on a laptop or PC.

Once you sign up and choose a plan, download the plugin for a seamless browser experience.

To ensure you don’t have connection issues, streaming delays, or poor video quality, consider the following tips:

  • free up as much computer space as possible
  • stop running high-bandwidth programs like Spotify or Netflix
  • avoid tasks that consume your internet connection like gaming or downloading
  • close all other tabs
  • opt for a higher speed internet connection

Now follow these steps to set up a webinar:

  1. Log in to your WebinarJam account
  2. Go to ‘My Webinars
The first step of setting up a webinar on WebinarJam
  1. Click on ‘Your Links’ and enter the relevant information. 
Second step of setting up a webinar on WebinarJam
  1. Test settings, audio, and video 
The third step of setting up a webinar on WebinarJam

Once everything is okay, you’re all set to enter the live room. Simply click on ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Start Event?

Start your live webinar on WebinarJam

You should expect a lag time of about 40 – 60 seconds for the software to load completely and all the attendees appear.

And that’s all it takes to go live.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Ready to start?

Start your trial now.

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