What Did Twitter Change During the September Updates?

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What Did Twitter Change During the September Updates?Twitter has yet again made changes that allow profiles to stand out. With the addition of header images, users can update the image and it will look the same across all Twitter platforms including Twitter.com, iPhones, Android phones, and iPads. If you’ve been a Twitter user for several years you may like being able to add a header image, but at the same time question its usefulness. Let’s take a closer look at the latest Twitter changes and how to make the most of them.

iPad Update

What Did Twitter Change During the September Updates?The first change to discuss came in the form of an iPad update. While the update was said by Twitter to make the app faster and easier to use, it received a fair amount of criticism from iPad users who were not thrilled with the changes. Because the new app requires users to expand the Tweet to see links, videos, and photos it’s been a big miss for the company.


Header Images

The biggest update though was the addition of header images. Header images appear at the top of the Twitter user’s account and are supposed to allow users to get to know each other better. As mentioned above, the images will appear across all Twitter apps and the website. Twitter claims that users have “more to show” and the header image will make that possible. For example, if you enjoy crafts, your background image might be that of crochet needles and your header image may be of a completed project.

How to Change Your Header Image

The header design is easy to change by visiting the settings menu and selecting, “Design”. Towards the middle of the screen, you will see the option to upload your image. Images should be 1252 x 626 megapixels and a maximum of 5MB in size. Once your image is uploaded, you can choose to zoom in on the picture to focus on the most important part of the photo. Obviously, you should keep other rules in mind when adding your image. The photo should not be risque or offensive. You should also own the copyrights to the image.

While Twitter has made the latest updates sound important, many users think that the company could have spent the time and resources creating more useful updates. However, the latest header image update does make it possible to add an additional level of personality to your account. Whether you want to show your support for your favorite football team or add a picture of your pet, the header image will certainly allow you to share more with the Twitter community.



About the Author: Dane Lutton loves using social media and keeps careful track of changes in the rules and terms. He is a communications specialist who helps business owners with pbx and VoIP services.

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