What Surprised You About Social Media in 2011?

Some time ago, HubSpot and Whosbloggingwhat decided to do a survey where they asked top social media industry experts one single question – What surprised you about social media in 2011, and how did it affect your planning for 2012?. Priit Kallas, from DreamGrow, was also featured on that list of top social media experts. The result was a blogpost titled 8 Industry Experts Weigh in on the Toughest Social Media Topics. Additionally, HubSpot released an ebook titled 54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom from Industry Experts featuring Seth Godin, our own Priit Kallas, and many more.

What were the biggest surprises about social media in 2011 for you? Please leave a comment.

Here’s the visual overview of the answers from top 8 social media experts:

Marketing wisdow from the experts

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