What to do When Your Customer’s Tweet is Right and You are Wrong

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As a company, you are always trying to protect your brand from negative publicity. With the onslaught of social media, though, protecting your brand can be more challenging than ever before. With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at their fingertips, customers have the ability to publicly defame your brand with one video, post or tweet.
Sometimes, your company can get lucky and the information shared about your company could be completely false. But sometimes, your company does something wrong, and a customer may tweet about it and let the world know about the situation. When this happens, your company needs to take action.

Take control of the situation.

If a customer tweets about a situation or issue that paints your company in a bad light, the first thing you need to do is respond. This is why social media monitoring software is essential to any business, as it alerts you when something like this occurs and allows you to respond quickly.
Simply let the customer know that you are now aware of the situation and that you’re looking into it. By responding right away, it not only shows the customer that you actually pay attention to how your company is being perceived by its customers, but it also shows anyone who sees that tweet that you are taking the necessary action to resolve the situation.

Do your research.

If you are unaware of the situation the customer is referring to, you need to do your research and find out exactly what happened, where it took place, when it took place and which employees were involved. If you have video footage, it may also be a good idea to review it to actually see what happened. This way, you will have a better understanding of the situation and will be able to assess it appropriately.

Apologize, and apologize sincerely.

After you realize that your company was at fault, you need to first apologize to the original tweeter. Let them know how sorry you are for their inconvenience, and let them know that you took action to prevent the situation from ever happening again. You could also offer them something for their inconvenience, such as a free item or a discount.

After you apologize to the initial tweeter, you need to make a public apology to the rest of your customers. Let them know what happened and what your company did to resolve the issue. Make sure that you emphasize how sorry you are and that you will continue to do whatever you can to make sure the situation never happens again.
By coming forward and publicly apologizing, you are showing all of your customers that you do not take their complaints lightly and you really care about their experience with your company. It also lets them know that you care about your company and that you will do whatever is necessary—including public apologies—in order to make up for a customer’s inconvenience.

Being honest and open with your customers and with the public will do wonders for your company, and it will help ensure that this minor issue does not end up as a social media nightmare.


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