What to do with your 25 000 Facebook fans?

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Okay, you don’t need to have 25 000 fans to execute the following tips I’m going to give you. Let’s just say you’ve collected a considerable amount of people to your fan page.

But now what? How can you take advantage of that mass? And not only that, how can you keep the existing fans happy and still generate new fans in the process?

1. Keep your content fresh!

Keep your fans a reason to come back. It doesn’t require significant amount of additional time to add fresh content on a regular basis.

As part of your online marketing strategy, integrate your Facebook page with other social media channels to maximize results little extra effort. Post snippets of your blog posts to Facebook and so on.

2. Engage new visitors

The standard landing tab for your Facebook page is the wall. It’s often covered with random discussions and there’s no clear call to action. To get your audience engaged give them a little more than just a generic wall.

Instead of sending new visitors directly to your Facebook page wall, send them to a more controlled, welcoming landing page where you can provide them with useful information about your brand, as well as a strong call to action to become a fan.

Here are 10 free Facebook page creation tools, which can help you get started:
10 Free Facebook Page Creation Tools [Update 2012]

3. Promote a contest via Facebook

A great way to add value to a Facebook fan page is to offer users an incentive to become fans. Contests can serve as an enticing incentive.

Read Facebook marketing guidelines before you start with your Facebook campaign. For example the guidelines require contests to be handled through an embedded application rather than on the page’s wall, among other things.

Read my blog post on how to create a kick-ass Social-Media Campaign.

4. Give fans something they can’t get anywhere else

Contests aren’t the only incentives companies can offer to grow their fan base. Any item of value can entice Facebook users to become fans, including:

  • Free download for something valuable if you become a fan first.
  • Free shipping for Facebook fans only
  • An exclusive product coupon for fans
  • A weekly special promoted on the fan page

5. Encourage interaction

The core of social media is built upon interaction and two-way communication. Facebook fan pages have little to no chance of success if they aren’t interactive and engaging.
But it’s not enough to sit back and wait to the interaction to begin. Start conversations by:

  • Posting a question to solicit fans’ opinions
  • Offering a poll that’s extremely simple to respond to
  • Integrating existing Facebook applications like games and quizzes
  • Reposting relevant, interesting information from other Facebook users and partners