What to Expect from Social Media Management System

social media marketing toolsLast week I was reading Jeremiah Owyang’s post The State and Future of the Social Media Management System Space. When you are managing your brands social presence things can get really atomized. Managing everything from one location and getting a clear overview is a must. What aspects are important for you?

Here are some aspects of social media marketing that need managing and tracking:

  • Timed posts
  • Notifications
  • Multinational management
  • Customer support tickets
  • Audience management (who likes and comments, activity ratings)
  • Connections between people (if one comments/likes the other does too)
  • Locating influencers (if they comment we get wider distribution)
  • Our fans interacting with competing brands
  • Monitoring competitor pages and users
  • Sentiment
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  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Reports and reporting tools
  • Social media KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Sharing metrics
  • Segments
  • User management
  • Ad management
  • Blog integration

Please add in comments, what features would you need most?

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Priit Kallas

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